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Big Art Show
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Big Art Show Philadelphia

We’re having a show next week at our new Pterodactyl art space in North Philly!  It’s going to be an impromptu Pterodactyl fundraiser/party with bands and art.  We’re looking for between 10 and 20 artists to show their work at the event.

We want to keep it fun and casual, but you’ll still get a good amount of space to show work. We’re also looking for some video to play at the event (sound might be an issue because of the bands, so ideally it wouldn’t be a must for your video to have sound). If you’re interested send an e-mail to and we’ll work out the details.

Art-o-saur/ Rock-a-dile Show
Saturday, August 1st
8pm, $5
@ Pterodactyl
3237 Amber St, 5th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19134

The Lemon Treasures
The Great Unknown
Conversations with Enemies
Victor Victor Band

We could also use some help the night of the show if you’re up for helping out, get in touch.

Please post this event on the internet and forward the info to anyone you think would be interested.

Pterodactyl’s mission is to revive the enjoyment and practice of creating art for personal fulfillment, to create exhibitions and experiences that resonate meaningfully with diverse audiences and to bring people together through the arts.

Check out our website! The course listings for our fall session of adult art classes will be up soon!


See you at the show!

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