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Voodoo Wedding
Categories: Events, Openings
Art by Gil Jawetz

Art by Gil Jawetz

Gil Jawetz will feature a collection of new paintings titled Voodoo Wedding at the Yellow Dog Tavern from July 28 to August 24, with a reception on August 11 from 6-8pm. The collection is a travelogue of sorts and is inspired by Jawetz’s 2008 marriage to writer Tracey Middlekauff in a voodoo temple in New Orleans, Louisiana. The work draws on the iconography of the temple, the uniqueness of the priestess’s personality, and the many other colorful, vibrant elements of New Orleans culture – from the music to the architecture – that combined to make the experience so exciting.

Voodoo Wedding is Jawetz’s third show at the Yellow Dog Tavern. The first two, BIG DOGS (2007) and Human(e) Beings (2008), were compiled in his book Human(e) Beings. He was most recently featured in Maryland Art Place’s 23rd Annual Critics Residency Program, curated by Vincent Katz.

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