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Wiggle Your Little Toe Art Show
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Wiggle Your Little Toe Art Show

Wiggle Your Little Toe Art Show

Featuring Artists Debbie Manville, New Jersey and  Sarah Elek, Florida.

Large-scale Acrylic Paintings by Miss Dabree.  40’s- 50’s collage pieces brought to life in large-scale painting format.

New Works including Collage and Paintings by recent MICA Graduate Sarah Elek.

Opening reception August 15, 2009 from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Art Under Ground Studio
826 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD

Show Runs through Saturday September 12…

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4 Comments to “Wiggle Your Little Toe Art Show”

  1. Bob Elek says:

    Is it cool for a dad to post? I’m very excited for you Sarah and even more proud. To the Baltimore crew, be sure to get by and check out this exhibit…you’ll like what you see, even given my slight bias. Give it a look!

  2. David Townsend says:

    How about for a proud Godfather? This is awesome, Sarah! Congratulations!!! Love, Uncle Dave

  3. John says:

    Im not related to either artist, but I felt that if Sarah is getting proud notes, Id have to step in and give props to Miss Dabree. Though we havent met and she insists she takes bad pictures, she strikes me not only as beautiful but someone who may be capable of beautiful things as a writer and artist. I lend my support. As her ‘daddy’…

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