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Inner Harbor Art Festival
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Baltimore, MD Sunday August 23, 2009

Newish “Art Festival” held at the Inner Harbor.  My first impression, “ehh”.  Not really much to get excited about here unless you want to see some art at the Inner Harbor because you have the in-laws or friends visiting from out of town, and they’ve GOT to see the “Inner Harbor”.

I am starting to understand what they mean about the Zapp Process, which I believe the organizers used for the Inner Harbor art exhibitors.  The Zapp Process seemingly tends to, how should I put this, homogenize Arts festivals.   The Arts Exhibitors (stylistically) are becoming quite “one after the other”, predictable.  Zapp Process events are starting to remind me of something out of “The Stepford Wives” genre, way  too… I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but look a little closer if you have a chance.  (BTW, this is the 1st Arts Festival I’ve been to that had Fine Arts Belts Exhibitor, not just one but TWO)

There were a handful of very noteworthy artists .  Marvin (Murf) Murphy gets my vote for outstanding creativity.  Wood Working Artist, Chester Shuey crafted some awesome out of this world wood pieces.  I also noticed the art by local Baltimore artist Larry Stevens and some very interesting work by Jenn Cole and the techniques used by Photographer John Chumack.  There were other good Artists at the Festival but didn’t get a chance to speak with them.  And yes, there were the OTHERS.  Again, IMAO, they had some borderline “Fine Artists” present, 2 belt exhibitors, too many jewelers, a few too many “loose” Arts and Crafts types, a couple of “could have been imported from China” looking artwork…

I asked a few passerbys their opinion of the Festival.  All thought the Exhibitor Tents along Pratt St were way too close to the street and couldn’t figure out why they needed to have them facing such a major thoroughfare..  Another said the snacks, water ice, hotdogs etc., were reasonably priced at around $1 each…

Festival Rating:  “My grandmother had more attitude

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