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Lucinda Coldrey
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Art by Lucinda Coldrey
I am an artist based in London. I spent three years studying in Florence, learning the fundamentals behind painting and drawing. These techniques have been used throughout the ages, from Leonardo to the present day. From portraits to my own original work, each subject takes its own personality.

For me, painting is everything. I am inspired by the world around me, from a simple line that runs down the edge of a jug to the power of nature. My up and coming exhibition, 27th September 2009 in Ball Hill, Nr Newbury, Berkshire, has been inspired by African Wildlife. I have family and friends in Africa, and the stories and the wildlife have always been a part of me. My forth coming exhibitions are also inspired by Africa. I will be showing in the Kings rd London at the end of this year and again in February 2011. For more information please go to

Hope this is good enough! Better with a brush than words!


By Lucinda Coldrey

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  1. Lucinda says:

    Thanks! Exhibiting at Picture this, 599 Kings Rd, London SW6 if you are interested, until 04.01.10

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