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Book Club – “the scenic route”
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the scenic route by binnie kirshenbaum

the scenic route by binnie kirshenbaum

The Perfect Kind of Summer Read

The Scenic Route By Binnie Kirshenbaum

Sylvia’s summer doesn’t start out so good, but she takes it in stride – like she does most other things – and heads to Europe to really try out escapism as a way of life. She meets Henry almost immediately, and allows herself to be swept off her feet even faster by this smooth-talking ex-pat with money, a sexy convertible and nowhere to be.

Sylvia and Henry’s lack of morals might strike a cord with some readers, while others might admire their ability to just live, no strings attached. Kirshenbaum intertwines the story of their summer lovin’ with Sylvia’s memories of her life, as well as the lives of her mother, grandmother, and her best friend Ruby. As they speed down the back roads of Europe, Sylvia and Henry explore quaint towns and inns and learn about each other’s stories through childhood memories and adulthood mistakes.

Mid-life crisis, sins of omission, marriage, divorce, realizations of mortality, and fears of insanity – Sylvia and Henry discuss the scenic routes of their lives over cocktails and under the covers. You will either love them or hate them, even though they’re not quite sure what they themselves feel.

The Scenic Route goes reads as fast as Henry’s convertible and requires very little in the way of brain power, making it the perfect kind of summer read.

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