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3rd Forgot to Laugh Sideshow and Animation Festival
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The 3rd Forgot to Laugh: Sideshow and Animation Festival will be held at The Arts Hall Theater at ACES/ECA located:

55 Audubon St.
New Haven, CT

on Saturday November 14th. Doors 7:30pm, show 8pm. Tickets are still $10 which you can buy at the door. Plus free coffee & treats from Koffee on Audubon!

Eric Girardi: yo-yo tricks
Jared The Conjuror: contortionist
The Amazing Andy: magician
Polly Sonic: performance artist
Quick Karl: comedian
Dot Mitzvah: burlesque
Big Nazo: special guest puppet creatures mayhem

Bill Plympton
Happy Tree Friends
Gobler Toys
Billy Blob
Nina Paley
A Town Called Panic
Dane Boedigheimer
Aset Productions
Eun-Ha Paek
Corky Quakenbush
Sundance Channel’s “Breakfast”

more info here

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2 Comments to “3rd Forgot to Laugh Sideshow and Animation Festival”

  1. Tony Baloney says:

    Thanks for the hype for our show Rich!!!

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