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Andrew Barton Gallery Ramfjord Oslo
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Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton
Exhibit at Gallery Ramfjord in Oslo
10 october- 1 November

See works in exhibit here:

Barton`s current exhibition at Gallery Ramfjord in Oslo explores female identity through a series of visually distinct works.
The traditional portrait bust is seen in his series of smaller works. The duo “Scandinavian Burqa” challenges traditional Muslim views on nudity. Another series, “Wannabe” deals with Western women and their hopes, dreams and aspirations, but always from the male perspective.

The larger works such as “The Astronaut`s Wife”, with its cracked and grazed astronauts helmet and a drop of milk suspended in zero gravity, illustrate the crushing forces endured by this “Astronaut`s Wife “.

In the sculpture “Fire Starter” we see a young woman suspended in mid air by four flames from newly litt over-sized matches.
The nr 1 painted on her helmet hints at her frame of mind.
“Fire Starter” deals with a woman`s belief in that she can deal with any challenging situation in her own life.
Protected only by oven mittens and
 a fire helmet she believes she can sweat


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