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Mother’s 45
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I’ve just updated the online version of my “Mother’s 45s” project to commemorate its 20th Anniversary … created and shown at Gallery One in Providence, Rhode Island, 1990 … this year.

As a tribute … my mother died in 1983 … I matched her 45rpm records with the family photographs to create assemblages by using the hole spaces of the records to frame the images.  I eventually arrived at a satisfactory combination, incorporating forty-five 45rpm records with images and a portion of each song onto an audio cassette to be used as a part of the exhibition.  I faded in/faded out the songs and looped them for continuous play and in order with the wall display of the photo/record assemblages.

The online version can be seen at:

The photographs of my mother were sequenced according to the chronology of her life, which spanned almost 60 years.  When the project is viewed along with the songs, the sound stimulus pulls the viewer from record to record [1-45], and this process has some interesting points:  the maturation process of my mother is sen;  the man who came into her life and eventually became her husband and my faither is seen;  the maturation process of her only child [me] is seen;  the change in hair and fashion styles is seen;  the change in automobile models is seen;  and various locales throughout the United States are seen.

This project [and its success] is the high point of my Visual Arts career for the simple reason that it involves and perpetuates my mother’s existence.

“Mother’s 45s” was selected through national competition [U.S.A.] to be a part of the “Parents” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 1992.


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