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Big Art Show Halloween Spooktacular
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BIG ART SHOW at Pterodactyl
Saturday October 16th
Doors at 8pm
3237 Amber St. 5th Floor N. Philadelphia, PA 19134


Basically, a BIG ART SHOW is a big art party where you get space to show your work in an unpretentious environment. It is one night, you set up and break down the day of. No judging, no applications, just tell us you’re coming and as long as we have space, we give you space.

A few things:
- You can sell your work if you want but you don’t have to, and in fact you’ll probablly have more fun if you don’t.
- This is an art show, not a flea market, you must have made the things you’re showing.
- You can sell your original artwork, bring prints of your work and anything hand made is fine, just use your judgement and err on the side of arty. We have nothing to do with you selling your work. We do not act as your art dealers or brokers.
- It’s free for you to be in the show, but if you sell something and want to donate Pterodactyl a few bucks nobody’s going to turn you down
- We are not responsible in any way for lost, stolen or damaged artwork. We just supply the space and the fun. By being in this show you agree that we are not responsible for damages/loss/etc.
- You’ll get about 6 vertical feet of space to show work (make the best of it!).

Want in? Great! e-mail us:
please include your: name / e-mail addy / phone number / and a link to your work (for the website and for logistics of where we put you in the room)

You can also e-mail if you have any questions.

More info:

-Paul & Catherine

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