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Amanda Beck
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Amanda Beck Artist, Baltimore

“Anything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

My work revolves around reinterpreting the world around us and converting it into something my own. To name just a few, there are several themes that I keep coming back to, birth, escape, captivity, confliction, and impotence. I want to show these observable facts in my own voice, as well as other singular notions about life and existence.

I get caught up in the fantastic. I have an intense appreciation for the strange and bizarre. The “otherness” that some people might find uncomfortable or alarming, is where I find my inspiration. My instrument to communicate to you my ideas about our real world, are actually these odd characters and environments. What is often considered peculiar or odd can cause us to pause, flinch, and feel uneasy. That’s good. Human curiosity beckons us to look harder, pause longer, and think more thoroughly.

My work contains images that may exist in our reality and some that do not. I look for whimsy and curiosity in nature and the unexplainable. Not knowing what is coming next and the anticipation of what lies just beyond our sight is thrilling. And yet, there is a familiarity that can be found with each narrative. There is a universal truth we share with every other living creature both real and imagined.

I am an intuitive worker and seldom plan my projects ahead but simply do what “feels” right as I work on a project. Sometimes I find inspiration in dreams, nightmares, stories and myths ancient and modern. I don’t work with paint exclusively but combine mixed media, collage, and assemblage in telling my stories. Sometimes what feels appropriate to me to convey something to the viewer may not involve pen and paper but bits and pieces of found objects.  I am very process driven and enjoy the journey as much as reaching my destination.

Amanda Beck

2010 Bachelor of Science, Studio Arts (Magna cum Laude) McDaniel College

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