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Artrise – Social Networking for the Arts

Artrise brings a new level to the social networking experience for artists. As an art social network, artrise is based on the ideals of connecting good, talented artists to the right people: other artists — whether you’re a photographer, musician, sculptor, digital artist, or graphic designer — industry professionals, and even fans of the art industry. It was created by artists as way to fill the gap that other social networking websites weren’t filling for artists. You have a better system of uploading your artwork and posting it in one of the many professional online art galleries, letting you get feedback from your peers in the industry. It also provides event and job listings so users can help each other out. Theses postings are user-generated, so you’ll be hearing about a position before it’s even announced to the general public.

Artrise is currently in private beta testing and is set for a public launch on Nov. 15, but if you just can’t wait until then to register for the new art social network, you can request an invite code by e-mailing, posting a comment on artrise’s Facebook page, or messaging them on Twitter.

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  1. Cojo says:

    Isn’t social networking the biggest buzzword of the year / decade. Is Artrise going to be the facebook of art?

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