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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear 10/30/2010

Made it to the Rally and there’s only one word that could describe the scene… CROWDED.

We started at U and 16th St N.W. Washington DC and walked our way to the  Rally.  The streets were, at first, filled with a few other rally attendees carrying a few  signs, but as you got close to the White House, it was obvious this was going to be a large crowd.  In front of the White House on New York Ave, one could say there were throngs of people working themselves toward the National Mall.  As you got to 15th St N.W., it hit, there are tons of people going in the same direction.  Crossing became crammed and difficult…

Fast forward past the Washington Monument to the National Mall and from 14th St it looked like we could get pretty close but as we and the others moved forward, it really became a tight tight crowd, your quick pace soon became and 2 step hustle.  By the time we reached the Natural History Museum, it was pretty much stop and go, from here it soon went to dead stop.

We decided to get out of the crowd and just sit and relax, enjoy the atmosphere and cool crowds.  But the the crowds just kept coming and coming, soon you couldn’t go any further, what first felt like a nice size crowd, turned into a really crowded room which turned quickly into a tight phonebooth and ultimately, a sardine can.  This all took place before Noon and within minutes of finding a place to sit down…

We could barely see one Jumbo Tron in the distance, faintly hear speakers but we had energy for even more, thanks to the crowd and hip atmosphere… Congrats to Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, the entertainers & supporters AND all that turned out for THE RALLY of 2010!!!









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