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Paul Moscatt Press Release
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The Art Under Ground Studio

826 W 36th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211


Presents: Plein Air Painting with Paul

We are happy to exhibit the work of Paul Moscatt and his en plein air landscape class.  This includes work from landscape sesssions held in Baltimore and some works by his artist students outside of the area.  Different styles and motifs present in this show attest to Paul’s philosophy of teaching to and respecting the student’s personal and natural process.

The group combines artists of varying age and art experience.  The unfying principle of the class is the process of en plein air painting – painting outdoors and on the spot perceptual painting.  Each student submits the work to a performance which has its own parameters subject to the variances of weather and light, a tussle and perhaps a romance with nature and a challenge to oneself.  The results many times are not always controlled but in this gap of the unexpected, improvisational and the poignant can occur.

The participating artists are: Lissa Abrams, Lois Borgnenicht, Pat Dillon, Mark Johnson, LieAnne Navarro, Carlene Bausch Moscatt, Paul Moscatt and Marina Windsor.

The exhibition runs from November 20th to December 17th 2011…

The Art Under Ground Studio



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