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I would love to have my website listed here – you may want to take a moment to peek in at my biro art. I am a self taught artist (acting being my main profession), but for the last couple of years I have been engaged in an ongoing series of sketches [...]

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Art by Veny

Veny lived her early years in Sofia, Bulgaria.  She studied with the great Bulgarian painter, Lubomir Delchev as well as with Ivan Dodov.  During her early years as a student artist, Veny dedicated her studies to mastering several techniques and focused on creating original acrylic artwork.
“I always paint with my heart and soul… [...]

Amanda Beck Artist, Baltimore

“Anything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso
My work revolves around reinterpreting the world around us and converting it into something my own. To name just a few, there are several themes that I keep coming back to, birth, escape, captivity, confliction, and impotence. I want to show these observable facts in my [...]


I am a 44 year old new artist from Kentucky and an example of the saying ‚ “its never to late‚”
After 14 years of not doing any type of artwork at all. In 2008 I discovered digital painting and found it to be a great fit for my kind of artwork.
All my work is [...]

Art by Lucinda Coldrey

I am an artist based in London. I spent three years studying in Florence, learning the fundamentals behind painting and drawing. These techniques have been used throughout the ages, from Leonardo to the present day. From portraits to my own original work, each subject takes its own personality.
For me, painting is everything. I am inspired [...]