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Artrise – Social Networking for the Arts
Artrise brings a new level to the social networking experience for artists. As an art social network, artrise is based on the ideals of connecting good, talented artists to the right people: other artists — whether you’re a photographer, musician, sculptor, digital artist, or graphic designer — industry professionals, [...]

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It’s our Top Reasons why you should Attend the next Art Opening in your Neck of the Woods!!!

It’s another Friday Night, and yes, you have nothing to do
It’s another Friday Night, and every member of your ‘posse’ has a date except you, Pat and Kelly
It’s another Friday Night, and nobody’s left in the office
It’s another [...]

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Artscape 2010, America’s Largest FREE Arts Festival… kicks off today Friday July 16 and runs through Sunday July 18…
Early Predictions…
Smaller than usual crowds will be blamed on the Heat Wave

Smaller than usual crowds will be blamed on the Rain

Smaller than usual crowds will be blamed on the Economy

Smaller than usual crowds will be blamed on [...]

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“The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia“

I grew up in hell homeboy. My grandmother had more attitude.  – Frank Sachs (Cuba Gooding Jr.) As Good As It Gets

I have participated at this venue for I believe 5 years and possibly 6.  This version, Out of Order 2010, was by far the dullest of any.  [...]

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A Review, Published, American Chronicle, Feb. 22, 2010, at:
[Publisher, Novelzine, 2010,164 pp., soft cover, $15.99]
by William Hughes
Baltimore, MD — Stephen Janis is an awarding-winning investigative reporter. The urban crime scene is his beat. His engrossing, surreal novel, “This Dream Called Death,” is his second book.
The fast-paced story is set [...]

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The Admin received this message via email, PLEASE, Take It For What It’s Worth. We do not endorse nor are we part of Artists Advocate Magazine

10 Secrets To Sell Art In A Down Economy
By art publisher and marketing expert B. Eric Rhoads
If you’re an artist blessed with a marketing gene, you may already
know these secrets. [...]

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It’s Baltimore, Hon!:  Did Mayor Dixon Steal from the Poor?
by William Hughes
“Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H.
L. Mencken
Baltimore, MD – On Monday, Nov. 9, 2009, the criminal trial of Mayor
Sheila Dixon will open up in the Circuit Court House, only two blocks
from City Hall, [...]

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Video: “Baltimore Four” Arrested–Health Care for All
On Oct. 29, 2009, four activists, who support a Medicare for All solution to our healthcare crisis, were arrested in Baltimore, MD, for trespassing. They were engaged in a “patients before profits sit-in” at a 17-story tower, which houses an office of the insurance giant, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. It’s [...]

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Ralph Nader is an American original! He’s activist, a courageous gadfly, a former presidential candidate, a champion of social justice and a best selling author. His latest book is: “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” On the evening of Oct. 8, 2009, he spoke at the popular restaurant/bookstore “Busboys & Poets,” in Washington, D.C. Nader, [...]

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I am writing in response to my abrupt, incorrect, rude and inappropriate removal from the 2010 exhibit schedule by the exhibit committee at the Dundalk Community College in Baltimore, MD. My work was rejected because of an abstract and ambiguous censorship policy which the Dean on the exhibit review committee of the college has.

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the scenic route by binnie kirshenbaum

The Perfect Kind of Summer Read
The Scenic Route By Binnie Kirshenbaum
Sylvia’s summer doesn’t start out so good, but she takes it in stride – like she does most other things – and heads to Europe to really try out escapism as a way of life. She meets Henry almost immediately, and allows herself to be [...]

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