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What is Art?

“I like the mixed media assemblages of Rauschenburg, Johns, Dine and Cornell.  I like the surfaces, textures and shapes in the work of Motherwell and Rothko.” Joyce Guerierri
“My father thinks, and so do I, that cubism, at least what braque and picasso were doing, came from crumpling photographs or drawings; or a crumpled “source”, as my dad would call it.” Michael Carrico
“Gladly, this period soon evolved into the art of real mechanics, problem solving and fixing things and I was inspired to recreate the worn parts, better than before.” Age Bunnetât
“They represent mainly stormy skies, domesticated animals, scenes of work with backlighted figures, country roads, fires in the open, farmhouses, seastorms, rain effects with people under large colored umbrellas, snowfalls. All works, painted in studio or in the open air, show nature, love and lyric feelings.” Anchise Picchi
“…felt the need to “shake it up” by skewing perspectives and tilting objects to keep the room  “moving”.  Her inspiration for these newer pieces is Paul Cézannes, THE BASKET OF APPLES.  …enjoyed being startled by his moving fruit and wanted to explore this same theme.” Andrea Shweky
“I love to let my pen move across the paper as I watch and listen to the local musicians on the street and in the clubs; the sounds in the buildings, the people, the sky, and the river. It all moves together in and out of harmony.” Ann deLorge
“In reality, there are always going to be people who believe it is their right, no, mission, to make sure that points of view not consistent with their own are not allowed to be heard.  This is frequently a result of religious and/or political ideology, as we’ve seen recently in New York, and is probably just as frequently a product of conflicts in commercial interests (three sides of the same coin as I view it).” The A/NT Gallery
“Art is a recreation of reality according to the artists metaphysical value judgments”.  This quote from Ayn Rand is the best definition of art I have ever come across.  It covers all art. Good and bad, from pop, to realism, to impressionism…” Belladonna
“Creation is all and all is Creation…has been my  personal mantra for many years. I believe that all  mortals create… speaking, writing, even thinking are acts of creation.” Brian Allan
“Sometimes I feel compelled to stare at someone in the tube or in the street because something in them moves me.  I know one day I will get into trouble!  These are the images and the people who really matter for my art.” Catherina Laugel
I have been asked if there is a message that I might want to leave the world. Only appropriately I take a message from a song, “Live the life you love, and use the god you trust, and don’t take it all too seriously.” Eden
“Stones are a lot like people.  Once the outer crust is carved away there’s nothing left but pure beauty.  I enjoy finding that beauty in the stones I carve.” Patric Flynn
Within my creative work, you will also find works which are not deliberately magnetised but only exert their effect through purely superficial colouring and design, through painting materials, types of application, the style etc. and constitute a statement for the observer in each case.” Gudrun
“To comprehend the complexity of the real, the viewer must recognize himself in flux, for the drawings capture the real but frame them in the absurd.” James Langston
“Western art, in particular, flourished, and if what we read today in some journals is true, major museum and gallery curators are beginning to believe that at least some of the hype over certain 20th century art movements has been overblown.” Jeffery Jones
“The likes of Von Dutch, Ed Roth, Robert Williams, and Thom Taylor really come to mind. As far as Masters go, I love Bosch’s stuff!” John De Bord
“We have found, by necessity, countless ways to express ourselves, not all of  them artistic, of course, at least not by strict definition.  But as we are the recipients of far more ‘inflow’ than any of our sentient predecessors, we are forced to more efficiently process this glut, or fall into decay, or burst completely at the seams.” Metrov
“It’s like that magical first kiss when you know the person you’re with is one with you, you’re so very right with each other, for each other.  I know that at that moment, I’m so very right with my art.” KtD
“A big inspiration to me is that what I express through my paintings, can be perceived so differently by others.  I believe that art has a infinite amount of meaning…” Kayla Andreanno
“As an Artist at one time or another, I’ve thought I can do better than that or how could I have made it better. Thankfully the  imagination kicks in, and somehow it all becomes clear.” Kelley Patterson
“I think it would have to say Cezanne I have always loved his work since I was young, I think it was the way that he looked at the subject he was creating converting them into obvious  geometrical shapes,  there is influence from Cezanne (“father of Modern”)…” Kevin chard
“I call my art “Surreal Pop Art” because I am driven to put the familiar images of my subconscious down on paper/canvas and interpret the meaning they have for me.  The ones that mean the most to me personally generally don’t connect with others unless they have had very similar life experiences, while the ones that speak of more general ideas tend to be more accessible.” Kris Hoglund
“The best way that I can describe the type of artist that I am, is in the simplest definition, an “undefined artist”. I never did believe that an artist should be limited to a type.” Krisztian Serfozo
“My drive in creating paintings are underlying emotions. That is why all my works are a piece of myself, but it is also the reason that there is a large variety in my work…” Elra Heus
“It is my belief that far too much attention is paid to the technical aspect of art, especially where photography is concerned.  In my opinion photographic art or any art for that matter is like a child riding a bike.  Once you have learned how to control the bike it becomes second nature, only then can you begin to explore and imagine all the possibilities.” Lee Carpenter
“A painting should take the Viewer to a place one cannot go on an ordinary day…” Lillianne Dent
“There is my love for the Italian Baroque, for F. Bacon, for the cinema of G. Greenaway, Cronemberg,  for the music of G.Crumb, G.Ligeti and K.Tippett, there’s the surgeon who has seen “inside” the man, there’s the powerful technology which progresses, which changes you , it clones you ; but all has sublimed and has become “other”…” Lino Budano
“Emotion recollected in tranquillity” wrote Coleridge.  Well, is something similar even though I’m not a romantic…” Victor Selleri
“My life and inner visions are alive in my work through abstraction, leaving open spaces for you to fill.” Michelle Bennethum
“My work, by moving slower and slower, illustrates how dysfunctional our
super functional world has become: moving faster and faster with perpetually less satisfaction.” L’Noj Yesdnil
“…I have found that language is restrictive as compared to images, I was attracted to painting as a means of communication and self-expression, which is much more perceivable than speaking.” Paula Alavesa
“Besides painting constantly and furiously ,we spend our time sipping cocktails getting down to the nitty-gritty of being gals and launching our collective conspiracy with a little irony and alot of humour.” The PopTarts
“Fantasies of unseen things flow through my imagination and find their way to colorful expressions.  Emotion provokes me into lashing of shapes.” Ron Byrum
“I was particularly inspired by the Medieval wood carvings that are so easy to find in Europe. They have a certain quiet dignity and crafstmanship that I really admire; they capture the human condition via the figure.” Stefanie Rocknak
“i find nowadays most artists talk a lot of sh*t because their work has trouble speaking for itself, they hype up ‘art’ as if it is some riddle that only the select chosen few can interpret.” TOE
“…all is in the eye of the beholder.  The choice is forever mine to be the silent witness as well as an active participant with all my subjects.” Tracy Kimmons
“By combining my love for art and law enforcement experience, I feel I’ve come up with the perfect combination (for me anyway!).” Wes Neville
“I fight the voices that I have telling me to “get a real job” and my continual fear and doubt which prevents me from moving forward on my own art.” Warrior Girl
“When I start out, it’s usually based on spontaneous ideas, sometimes from vivid dreams I have, sometimes from interpretations of an event, the majority of all my work comes from an emotion which I change into something more fantastical in imagery.” Willow Danaan
“When I see something visually captivating I’ll paint it.  Sometimes it doesn’t always have the elements I desire  in a painting so I may need to recompose it, change it’s color or what ever is necessary. I’m just using the artistic license we acquire when we call ourselves artists. But I try to remain true to what drew me to the image” Michael Hamilton
“I enjoy being able to use what I’ve learned from different techniques and applying it to others. Although the final results are different depending on the medium, I feel that all of my pieces are related.” Margaret Hoskins

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