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  1. Hey Rick, thank you for helping me get my art out there. Frank

  2. Alex says:

    Visual Escape – An Online art gallery specialising in limited edition canvas art prints and photos to canvas.

  3. Petr Lukyanenko is a contemporary artist from Belarus working in various genres of easel painting. His art is notable for thoughtful publicistic works and original conceptual paintings as well as for impressive portraits, landscapes, and still-lifes.

  4. Edward Stone says:

    I’ve several jobs offering my work to designers and caterers, it has always been an opportunity for me. I thrived, and my work also thrived. Ceramics is often a set of rules and timing. It is routines and repetition of stages and processes. It is always exciting for me but maybe not for all, Art as a higher form has that opportunity to emerge from the constraints of standards and routines and move viewers to emotion, and connect.
    I strive to work closely with other potters, kilns, and at universities, or where ever great teachers and patron are practicing the art. When the brush I paint with is the flames of firing kilns, it is an honor each time I have a chance to meet and work with others.
    I strive to make it fun, to remove some of the mystery, never take away all, but I want art to be easy, close to reach, and if any knowledge would be useful for individuals with the promise to emerge successful. I want to share it.
    I can produce a one person show with three weeks notice, and could exhibit once a month where that occasion might present itself…I’m a very hard worker and want to excel.
    Like other artists I desire most to draw from what I see. The energy for my work most often comes from the ’subject and the surroundings’. I recently celebrate sports in ceramic work. My work can be found at
    or e-mail me at:

  5. Adib Fattal says:

    My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities.The majority of these cities and villages are inspired by middle-eastern architecture and life. My villages tend to be almost all my imagination, while the city ones often have a real existing landmark. However this landmark I make richer and more intricate then it is in the real world. I also sometimes paint fantasy paintings, however it remains having the same style as my primitive art paintings

  6. Sweden 2007 Palm Art Award, Certificate of Excellence

  7. Abstract large scale oil painter. Enjoying a new series in the Northern Woods of Minnesota near Canada.

  8. Caryl says:

    Caryl Westergren’s a professional artist painting brilliant colors in paintings of breathtaking scenes, Gypsies, horses, chimps, and other exciting subjects! The art and personal style are for those with an eye for the extraordinary.

  9. Caryl W says: A new memorial to commemorate Harlem Renaissance writer, folklorist, and anthropologist Zora Neal Hurston – created by renown artist James Liccione

  10. Caryl W says:


    Thank you for your time.

  11. Robert Maddison is a contemporary realist painter and fine art photographer. Although his art is very exact and detailed he treats his subjects not so much as subjects but as abstract shapes colours textures etc.

  12. Advice, discussion, free prints and more on Robert Maddison’s blog.

  13. Law of Attraction is so real… These past days i was looking to that, i’m a songwriter, and sometimes i write some stof that i want, but like now i realize that most of what i wrote happened… but not really on the same way as i wanted it.. but it happended… I just read all this article.. and it is so true.. i like it alot, that helped me to understand more on that.. thanks you.

  14. Punjabi says:

    Punjabi Paintings, Inspired Art gallery featuring a range of Punjabi and Indian Art Prints, Paintings and Original Art

  15. Veny says: is website for acrylic paintings on canvas. Veny artwork samples include Cityscape, Marine, Landscape and Abstract art.

  16. Pets and Peeps Art Studio features the art of Internationally renowned artists, Ron & Mamie Greenfield, who produce beautifully hand painted portraits of Pets and Peoplein Oils, Watercolor and Graphite.

  17. Pets and Peeps Art Studio feature the work of Internationally renowned artists Ron & Mamie Greenfield, who produce beautiful hand painted portraits of Pets and People in Oils, Watercolor and Graphite.

  18. Sean Cooper says:

    Browse an on-line gallery featuring 10,000 oil on canvas paintings individually hand painted to order. Fine art reproduction paintings from the Renaissance through to contemporary and 20th century art.

  19. Sean Cooper says:

    Browse an on-line gallery featuring 10,000 oil on canvas paintings.

    Each painting is individually hand painted to order. Fine art reproduction paintings from the Renaissance through to contemporary and 20th century art.

  20. An art blog about fine art and paintings – an ideal resource for Interior Designers and Home-Makers looking for inspiration.

  21. Marcos Serrano is an fine art photographer, specializing mostly on black & white photography.

  22. Arthur Rules says:

    I was trying to give Art some sense with words, and this is what I came up with:

    Art Is art, undefineable, everywhere, timeless

    Like love, it has no explanation,
    Like poetry, it talks to one’s heart,
    Like beauty, It is all and nothing

    It is life itself

    Art’s secret gifts are joy, beauty, vision, and not
    They are immediate, and ever lasting

    Art is free

    Each creation is unique, priceless and worthless at the same time

    It is like a thunderbolt, it is in the skies, it is on earth, Art is the thunderbolt’s signature

    Art, it holds the light

  23. Mike says:

    Making frames and mounts for Art and Artists for over 15 years

  24. Randy says: has become one of the hottest trends in the art community world today is just not another social network. Artyelp is also a Blogging Platform, Event Marketing, Classifieds, Chat,Video and Broadcast service, News Feed, and more

  25. Timothy says:

    The Dark Metal Sculpture of Tom Nelson, Muscoda, WI.

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