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Acer Volume Control

A quick discovery when using the volume control and On Screen Display does not work.

I had this problem on my Acer Netbook Aspire One.  After hooking it up to an external monitor, I found that the OSD (On Screen Display) did not work any longer when changing the volume up or down.  This lasted a couple of months, the Acer Support site had no real answers other than to do one of 2 things.  Make sure “Launch Manager” was using the latest driver and was actually activated.  Anytime you re-start your machine it should start LM (launch manager) by default; I did download the latest driver and still no joy.  The other Acer Support suggestion was to “”system will need to be restored back to factory defaults using the eRecovery software or Recovery media”, well, I didn’t need the OSD that bad.

After playing around on the Acer one day, I discovered somehow “Color Quality” setting was at 16bit instead of 32bit.  I went ahead and changed that to 32bit, and like magic the Volume OSD started working again.  I tested this several times and yes, this was the cause for me…

Good luck… Rick

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  1. hector bonilla says:

    Just in case anyone else runs into this problem, Launch Manager (dritek) is responsible for these sorts of OSD’s

    try hitting start, in the search type in “launch manager” and start it

    wait a minute and if your normal OSD’s return that was the cause

    go to start
    then hit enter and ensure that launch manager is enabled in the startup tab

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