Alexei Biryukoff:
dominate or submissive

Art by Alexei Biryukoff

I have always liked drawing and painting people - since i was probably 5. When I came to UK in 2002 I finally got a chance to see and feel contemporary art properly - and seeing Lucian Freud's retrospective solo show in Tate and then finding out about Jenny Saville became the turning point for me.

In 2003-2004 I worked on my first conceptual art show totally dedicated to nudes, called Naked Loneliness together with my fellow artist Dmitriy Onischenko who was responsible for female nudes. This show was closed by the local officials who found it obscene and pornographic, which only added extra coverage and interest to our show.

It is important is to make a painting carry some additional baggage and info or even make it challenging for the viewer. Lots of people - especially here in Russia (nevermind in !Siberia!) still have too much agenda in their heads and fear the unknown. It is a great joy to make them face something they have been trying to ignore in their life or even in themselves and face what is simply natural and is only a part of the big world that is always there.

My last two conceptual projects included paintings, performance, music and installations. Although it takes a lot of time to work on a whole complex of things but I totally enjoy producing all of those by myself. The idea is to create a bigger picture that includes not only paintings on the walls but a separate micro space that has got its own breath, sound, motion, dynamics - this is probably like making a movie, but it is 3D, in the real time and interactive, where viewers get involved and become a part of the scene.

My works are mostly on the large side as well as the men they depict. My major materials are oil and canvas, but recently I started to work on a series of smaller sized works on paper and cardboard which come in mixed media and different drawing materials. My other great love is digital photography and I am going to make a series of portraits of mature bearded men.

Most likely my next project will be about domination and submission - I find it a very interesting theme to explore! I believe all of us are either doms or subs in a bigger or a smaller way, of course there still place for exceptions and paradoxes, but on a large scale this is how our human society is organized and the most interesting part for me is to make people face it with the help of my works.

Art by Alexei Biryukoff

Alexei Biryukoff
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