R.  McL:
the subversive artist

The Subversive Artist

'I act with felt empathy for human beings, celebrating tolerance and diversity; and do so with humor, confronting uncensored imagery, in an in-political correct way you would not expect from any bureaucracy.

I speak in a streetwise esperanto you would chat to your mates with over a beer.'

The modern world is deluded and lost-our advertising visual language is seen by me to eat at the frail human ego, acting to degrade us, for wealth in the fickle spectrum of money.

I now use this method of subversion to attack the immoral and tragic state of leaders and ideological paradigms of contemporary society, and the modern world, to morally validate people as individuals'.

Controversial, hilarious, blatantly offensive, offensive, yet empathic.

I see it as 'validating, exposing and attacking contemporary mass-delusion'.

A dig at the achilles heel of our leaders.

An angry statement to those who don't tolerate diversity.

'Celebrate your own subjective truth', It may look offensive, yet speaks from a well of empathy.

I have a BFA, Ass Dip CAAD, Dip Bus, Human Rights Awards from the HREOC, am an author, advocate, illustrrator, designer... etc.

The Subversive Artist

Sincerely, R. McL, 'TheSubversiveArtist'. (Melbourne, Australia)
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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