Tony 'Baloney' Juliano:

Art by Tony Baloney JulianoMars Needs Kittens, The Great Stall of China, My Date with the Bogeyman, & Lord of the Onion Rings are just a few of the wacky and weird paintings by satirist artist, Tony "Baloney" Juliano.

With his single panel lush comic like paintings dealing with quick puns, whimsical sayings, ironic sadness, and his penchant for parodying other famous artists, Tony makes art laughable in colorful complimentary painted frames.

Tony s resume includes commissioned murals, comics, illustrations, photography, art lessons, tattoo designs, and album covers.

Tony also sells his artwork as magnets, 8x10 prints, and comic books at a variety of art festivals, comic cons, on-line, galleries, and stores from California to Rhode Island.

Tony has had exhibits all over the USA and London, England such as York Square Gallery, John Slade Ely House, Stuckism International Centre, The Art Coalition, CBGB s 313 Gallery, Limner Gallery, Hygienic Art Gallery, and plenty more.

Some of Tony's influences are William M. Gaines, Daniel Clowes, Julie Doucet, Charles Burns, Chester Brown, Shag, Mark Ryden, and of course Gary Larson.

Other interests Tony has are toy collecting, comic books, art history, playing his accordion, and obsessed Godzilla fan.

Currently Tony lives in New Haven, CT at the Agoo Art Studio with his pet, Commander Hamster.

AGOOART by tony juliano

Tony "Baloney" Juliano
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