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2004 party for the senses

Artscape 2004 truly a party for the sensesBaltimore, MD - The Artguy was a participating artist in this years juried show.  In the past we have not been kind in our assesment of Artscape "the premier arts and cultural event" but we might have been wrong!

As an exhibitor there were very few if any complaints at least from me.  Originally my booth was located with a dozen or so artists in a pavillion style tent in front of the Fox Building and next to the Brown Center, to say it was a bad location is a total understatement.  The organizers, including Jennifer Mange, were alerted and aware of this misstep and soon relocated all of us to different areas in the festival.  For me, by Friday evening I was already moved, for the others it took place early Saturday morning.  The difference was like day and night!

Saturday will go down as one of the best single days I have had at any arts festival or show.  In fact, Saturday alone exceeded many of my 2 day shows, it was extraordinary!

Artscape normally runs from 4:00 - 10:00 Friday, 12:00 - 10:00 Satruday and 12:00 - 8:00 Sunday.  They are long days but with the energy you felt and the sometimes overwhelming crowds in your area, time flew by.  Even if one did not sell as much as they wanted, the crowds were so large that you were always on your toes, there was not much time to just idle away.  Crowds at Artscape 2004For the Artguy, sales were excellent, I believe I had some of my best stuff and I created pieces for the 20 to early 30 something crowd.  The fact that I ran out of business and post cards by early Saturday evening was testament to the crowd size.  The Artguy would rate Artscape 2004 an A+ even with the Friday misstep.  Also, knowing what I know now, this festival does indeed have unlimited potential for success, just as long as you have the right stuff at the right time, and for this show, I was fortunate enough to have done that.

BTW - Artscape has a modest 3 day booth fee ($300), they also supply you with tents and provides 24 hour security.  You need to supply your own display panels.  4 Slides of items required, no booth slide required, plus a $25 app fee and dealine around end of March +/-.

Artscape - DiverseHow was the Festival  For the Artguy, festivals are for fun.  Selling, making money and taking commisions are like the cream.  I enjoy seeing the crowds, talking to the people and taking in atmosphere.  And what an atmosphere this year at Artscape.  Baltimore probably has more artists, writers, and creative types than any other city I have visited or lived in.  It has by far more tattoos on more different type people in more different places than you can imagine.

An artist once told me years ago that Baltimore is a funky city, and it is so true.  You have to realize that Artscape is located in the heart of Balimore City, so getting to this show is quite easy no matter where you lived in the city.  Live entertainment such as the Commodores, Wyclef Jean, the Violent Femmes, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and even the Mayor's O'Malley's March Band kept the crowds coming for three full days.  Saturday saw the much anticipated Art Cars parade which was a big hit.  REMEMBER, Artscape is completely FREE!

Bottom Line  If you were out visiting Artscape, you probably left more than satisfied.  If you were a particpating artists, the organizers kept the crowds coming and the rest was up to you... hope to see you next year.

more Artscape Pics from Photographer Adrienne Mills

Night life at Artscape 2004

the Artguy - "I really know nothing about art other than what I like and if it's more than that, then I must be lost..."

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