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FoodScape 2000:
at the mount royal tavern - baltimore maryland

For the true Baltimore Art, come to the Mount Royal Tavern

Don't get me started on Artscape. Or as we use to call it Food Scrape and or Regurgiscape. Many moons ago there was an arts festival designed to bring light on the local art scene. Yet it (Fine Arts Juried Section) was open to artists in several state areas. While the music was great and the food plentiful, the art had little to be desired. I mean, we could do mediocre art on our own, we didn't have to import it!  So a couple of local talents got together and decided to rebel against the status qou and have a show of what was of real interest during those 3 days in the summer, the FOOD.  ("Food Scape" was to be the title hung on Art Scape by the local news.)  These rebels were to show in the heart of "Art Scape", at the Mount Royal Tavern, a cool oasis with a real bathroom!  It was a hit.  The show that is.  Ten different styles, ten different points and mediums.  Everything from paintings to photographs.  Letting the established art leaders have it right between the eyes.  The next year they closed the juried Art Scape to just Maryland artists. 

We have been showing at the Mount Royal Tavern since that year.  We're not as radical these days, but the art is just as interesting.  The food theme still shows up in our art but not as often.  Some of us have shown in Art Scape itself.  Face it, you can't please everyone. Quality and diversity should be foremost in choosing art.  In my eyes any Art Scape is better then no Art Scape.  And if you don't like it, talk about it like a dog.

This year, my piece is called "Fruit of the Lume".  It's a 9" x 6 1/2" giclee on photo paper.

"Fruit of the Lume" by Michael Hamilton, You can find this at the Mount Royal Tavern

Mount Royal Tavern
1204 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, Maryland

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