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February 11, 2013 - Been on a 2 year sabbatical and trying to get back into a rythym.  Not quite updated as I'd like but one small step is better than none!  Let's just start with some new featured artists, Lisa Falzon, Tony Juliano, Tina Wiesen and some Body Painting.  And please check out our new Art Blog!!!  We're back and almost enthusiastic but we're here to stay, until next time... Your Email Comments Welcome!

* It takes between 90 seconds and four minutes to decide if someone likes someone else romantically

* 55% of the message picked up from someone comes through body language

* 38% is picked up from tone, speed and inflection of the voice

* 7% is picked up from what is actually said

* If someone likes someone else, their pupil size increases and so does their blink rate

We'd love to feature you and your thing, INTERESTED?

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Until next time, break on through to the other side... PEACE

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New this week
From our readers
Note to Self™ - What is Art?  "My life and inner visions are alive in my work through abstraction, leaving open spaces for you to fill."  Read More

The Spread - Ok, we've been checking out the EATS around Baltimore and this is what we came up with.  Please visit the rest of the Spreads

Artist Gets Zapped - "Don't know about Zapplication, but my friend mentioned it the other day. I am all for jurying with digital images. Slides are expensive, cumbersome, and I only use them for show entries. I'm a little leery of having one point for all art show applications - I guess I'm paranoid that eventually all shows will converge into one huge, controlling, WalMart-esque entity..."  Don't Get Zapped!

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? - "What Jessica Bowers (J Bowers Baltimore City Paper) thought were simple Klan figures, a Fifth Grader in any civics class in the US would whisper to their classmate, 'It's Abu Ghraib'.  WOW, now that's about as wrong as midnight and noon... At this rate of professional growth, Jessica Bowers, we are afraid, will never never get out of Kansas!"  About Show #7

Surreal Pop Art - "Driven by something he can't quite seem to put his finger on and something beyond his ability to control, over and over he sculpts a vision from his mind, a vision that he does not understand. Although his first efforts don't satisfy his mind's eye, he continues to search, to refine, until the time comes that he makes the connection between what is coming out of him and what it means..."  Kris Hoglund

Great EatsEat This - You're home alone again on another Friday night with nothing to do.  Here's a recipe we probably won't attmept but it's interesting, oysters roffignac, seafood gumbo and blackberry turnovers.  Don't dispair, there's always Saturday night, good luck!  Oysters Roffignac, etc, etc, etc... Enjoy

:: This Month's Art Shows, First Fridays, Openings, Receptions, ::

Lost and Found - here's a new section of artists that somehow along the way lost themselves on the internet only to resurface and be found again!  We just heard from one of our orginal featured artist, THH70, back and busier than ever! Lo-Fi Urban Abstract Graffiti

our featured artists:

Art by Lisa Falzon"I've been painting all my life. It was always something special that I did, that separated me from the rest of the kids at school in that I was always the best in class when it came to making pictures, or crafts of any sort. It came out of the fact that I practised more.. that and perhaps a mixture of genes and upbringing environment."  Lisa Falzon

Art by Tony Juliano"Mars Needs Kittens, The Great Stall of China, My Date with the Bogeyman, & Lord of the Onion Rings are just a few of the wacky and weird paintings by satirist artist, Tony "Baloney" Juliano. With his single panel lush comic like paintings dealing with quick puns, whimsical sayings, ironic sadness, and his penchant for parodying other famous artists, Tony makes art laughable in colorful complimentary painted frames."  Tony Juliano

Tina von Weisen"I thought that explained Tina's love for the human face and figure. Well that is not all of it, Tina added one last thing that really opened my eyes, she says, "Since birth I have a slight hearing disability, because of that I have to rely more on peoples lip movements and gestures to fully understand them. That might be one of the reasons why I'm so fascinated by face and body language. "  Tina von Wiesen

Art by Adrienne Mills"At a family gathering when I was five or so, one of my aunts collected lipstick, eye shadow and liner from guests and painted the face, legs and arms of an attendee that had lots of leg and arm exposed. Everyone got their cameras out to snap photos as she posed for the crowd. Over the years, most photographs that made an impression involved body art of some sort."  Body Painting
ZAPPLICATION.ORG - anyone out there heard of this new system?  If you have, tell us your side of the story, good, bad or the indifferent.  CLICK HERE  The Artguy actually doubts very many visitors to this site know much about Zapp, who knows... we need your feedback, thanks Rick

Online Games:
Solve the PUZZLE
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newest HangMAn

You Gotta Eat:
SIRNIKI + more...

Quench Your Thirst:

Graffiti Art
GRAFFITI - Our NO. 1 Article!!! Follow the links and find 6 pages of Super Graffiti and Street Art.

July 4th Fireworks
the Artguy by Paul Mintz
Niagara Falls
World's Largest Slice of Pizza
Hubble Space Telescope
The Australian Sunrise

Quotable Quotes:
Beauty is not in the perfection but in the flaws.  "It's the crack that makes the plate exquisite."  Duane Michals

Winston Churchill once said,  "The man who doesn't step on anybody's toes is standing still."

"If it's not one thing it's another, if it's not that it's something else" Rosanne Rose Anna Danna

"Live the life you love, and use the god you trust, and don't take it all too seriously." Love andRockets.

"Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice. And she said we are all just prisoners here of our own device..."  HOTEL CALIFORNIA, THE EAGLES

"I am too involved in what I am doing, I cannot tear myself away from it.  For me nothing else exists."  Henri Matisse

"As someone once said, you can't avoid the aging process but you can always stay immature!" from a good friend, Lisa

"I wasn't expecting anything and I got even less..."  Jiminy Glick, Comedy Central

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."  Oscar Wilde

PIXELSCAPES by Tom Chambers

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Clay Mind Clay Body
Nhoj Yesdnil
William Hughes
The Pearl Gallery
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Quick Snacks:
Minority Report
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What is Art?
This may be the second oldest question and probably no real answers, only guesses. If this is true, does art really exist outside the "eye of the beholder", is it a state of mind, a fleeting moment in a timeless universe, the play of shadows and light, can we taste it, can we hear it, can we read it? Maybe it is easier to define what art is not. A few thoughts on WHAT IS ART...

Art, Dope & Saving the World
Story Book Art from the Funny Farm

re:  Ibsen said, "There must be a troll in what I write."  Art, today, encompasses the dream postponed into anything-goes.  Justified in letting the artist descend into mediocrity, spiraling around an ego put upon a pedestal.  As if, all that a person does is art.  And it is.  But I have no time for it.  I agree with Harold Bloom in a recent interview.  He asked, would you want just anyone to do surgery on you?  Of course not.  You want someone to know what they are doing before they cut into you.  Yet today we look at the arts as if everything is the fine craftsmanship of a great artist, and much of it isn't.  Until you become yourself what benefit can you be to others?  Mediocrity appeals to the mass, and it appeals to the mass ego.  And though it may be art, it is not the exceptional dream, enchanting the child, like a kiss walking home to my knowledge, in an unformulated illustration which wakes me up.  Michael Carrico

To Post a Reply or Thoughts, please go to our new Forum, WHAT IS ART?

Realism v. Abstraction - "But throughout, the public generally continued its love of realism. Western art, in particular, flourished, and if what we read today in some journals is true, major museum and gallery curators are beginning to believe that at least some of the hype over certain 20th century art movements has been overblown. One recent article even went so far as to call minimalism and abstract expressionism 'scams', stating that curators are beginning to dust off the great works of realism that have been languishing in their basement vaults."  Realism

"Ultimately, I view my inspiration for the creation of abstract images to be the never-ending fluctuations of energy and matter as seen in interstellar space. I believe these far-flung aggregations of evolving matter to be the essence of truth and beauty. In my opinion, this endless evolution of chaos toward order represents the highest level of absolute potentialities, a timeless representation of a seemingly endless universe."  Abstraction
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