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American Photo  6 issues

American Photo 6 issues

American Photo Magazine is edited for professionals, advanced or aspiring photographers and includes articles on equipment, technique and industry developments. 6 issues Only $2.16 per issue. That is 57% off.



Artists magaziine is an ideal atmosphere. We offer the serious, active artist instructional guidance based on step by step presentations. You'll also find practical, technical advice about tools, materials and techniques and information about how and where to exhibit and market your work.

This magazine is the world's leading source of instruction for working in oils, watercolor, acrylic, pastels and pen and ink. Complete with step by spep techniques, inspiring full color photos, expert advice and more.



From the PublisherBlender is the new music magazine that salutes the unique brilliance of rock and roll in all its forms, from new metal to hip hop, rock to RandB, and does it with an energy and panache other corporate music mags lack. Blender is the new music magazine that succeeds in being authoritative, useful and fun, all at the same time. We're unafraid to take risks to bring our readers the best stories, the most insightful reviews and the most far out photographs to help them discover the best music out there.



CANNABIS CULTURE is the ultimate marijuana magazine! From international pot politics to the best grow advice, from DEA raids to Dutch coffeeshops, from ganja recipes and medicine to amazing phat buds, we cover all things marijuana. Intellectually stimulating, politically aggressive, cutting edge and lots of fun, with fine herb and hash that drips off the pages. Sent in unmarked brown wrapper.



CITY magazine presents a mix of lifestyle elements including fashion, design, food, travel and more from a sophisticated New York state of mind. Formerly known as CITY NY, this is not just a New York magazine but addresses New York as a launch pad for ideas, trends, and an ever changing culture. CITY reports on burgeoning talent as well as the icons who continue to make their mark. Using clean forward thinking photography and an unparalleled design format, each issue of CITY delivers concrete wisdom for the urban warrior.



Climbing mgazine reveals everything you ever wanted to know about climbing can be found 9 times a year in Climbing magazine.

Tech Tips. Ice and Alpine. Bouldering. Traditional Aid.

Medicine. (Would you know what to do if your climbing partner dislocated his shoulder at the cliff?)

Equipment. Will this gear really hold? Comprehensive tests of all the gear under .75 inches that you'd hate to fall on. Until now.

Juxtapoz  6 issues

Juxtapoz 6 issues

Juxtapoz Magazine is a new art magazine for a new art movement! The unique publication attempts to fuse the lurid edges of consciousness, avant consumerism, and the international art community, and has emerged as a new art manifesto for our times. 6 issues Only $2.42 per issue. That is 52% off.



Green Lantem combines cutting with debonair. Freelance artist Kyle Rayner was used to creating on a canvas or a sketchpad, but when the sole remaining Guardian of the Universe handed him the last power ring, Kyle could turn his imagination into reality. The immediate successor to legendary Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Kyle was relatively inexperienced, but compensated for it with his eagerness and fertile imagination.

At first fairly cavalier about the heroic mantle he'd inherited, Kyle was forced to face responsibility when his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, was murdered by the villain Major Force. Since then, he's come to understand the legacy left by the long line of Green Lanterns, and feels the pressure of carrying on the proud tradition. Growing into his role gradually, Kyle's come to embrace being Green Lantern, his membership in the Justice League giving him the opportunity to take his place among the world's greatest heroes.

All About Beer  6 issues

All About Beer 6 issues

All About Beer Magazine features articles on the full range of beers available on the market, as well as political and social issues that affect the pleasure of beer drinking, and the culture surrounding beer appreciation. 6 issues Only $3.33 per issue. That is 26% off.

mental_floss  6 issues

mental_floss 6 issues

mental_floss Magazine blurs the lines between a great education and great entertainment. Jam-packed with page after page of quick tidbits, quirky facts and juicy history, this eclectic magazine teaches you everything you should have learned in school - but didnít. 6 issues Only $3.33 per issue. That is 33% off.

Skin & Ink  6 issues

Skin & Ink 6 issues

Skin & Ink Magazine combines photo layouts with in-depth articles, monthly columns, industry news, and special reports about the ever more subject of tattoos and body art. Each issue features new designs from world-renowned tattoo artists, as well as the latest techniques. 6 issues Only $3.32 per issue. That is 33% off.

PASSPORT  8 issues

PASSPORT 8 issues

PASSPORT Magazine is Americas #1 Gay and Lesbian travel magazine. With stylish, personal writing and vivid color photography, each issue of PASSPORT transports readers to both familiar and undiscovered destinations. It features the latest travel reports and in-depth articles on feature destinations written by the best gay and lesbian journalists. 8 issues Only $2.49 per issue. That is 50% off.

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