The Cafe Hon, Hampden

I don’t eat at Cafe Hon but instead choose to dine or drink  in the Hon Bar, just next door; lots of TV’s, nice staff and I like it!

I’ll rarely  find a friend that’ll say, “Let’s go to the Hon Bar”, but IMAO it’s one of the better places in Hampden to relax, eat and drink.  The drink prices are about what you’ll find at most places on the Avenue, so really can’t complain about that.  The menu is good with a nice sampling of bar food as well as specials, prices are about what you’d find elsewhere.   Staff is accommodating and friendly, so you can’t complain about this either. Generally, the Hon Bar and Cafe Hon get a thumbs up from me for both food/drinks and atmosphere.

Here’s a concern. I believe consistency is the most important thing when dining out, whether it’s the food or the service.  The food at the Cafe Hon needs to work on this.   Though I can recommend it, I still  keep my fingers crossed, but most of the time, the Hon Bar is right on target…

Rated a VERY strong 3 1/2 out of 5