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Welcome! My name is Michael Stevens Wiggs, and Photoshop, Swirl by Michael WiggsI'm an artist living in Baltimore. Although I've been drawing, painting, sculpting, etc., all my life, it is only in the last five years or so that I've focused all my creative energies onto canvas.

I try to create pieces that invite you in, that draw you closer for a more intimate experience. I impose no absolute meaning to any work, the viewer is left to explore the composition, intrepret any symbolism, and derive meaning based exculsively on their own world view.

That's not to say my work has no underlying meaning to me. Every artist's life experiences are at some level channeled into their work. Using the stream of consciousness method, I can comfortably describe my work as follows:

Idealistic, passionate,
Encompassing many experiences.
Challenging perceptions.
Strange perspectives and vistas,
To explore.
Shadows in an empty world.
Lonliness and desolation.
Questioning the nature of permanence.
The relentless, irreversible flow of time.
The organic, the physical, the sensual,
Beyond nature.
Love and loss, longing,
Satisfaction, celebration.
The meaning of perfection (if any).
The journey into the inevitable darkness.

You know, stuff like that. At present, only some of my Abstract works are shown on this site. Soon, I'll post my latest series of Surrealist paintings.

Michael Wiggs, WOODWORK2, Acrylic Art by Michael Wiggs, SYNAPSE2, Acrylic

Michael Wiggs
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