Connecting-Art International Art:
connecting people, connecting cultures

From May 29 until June 9, 2006, the Connecting-Art International Art group will present "Connecting people, Connecting cultures" at the United Nations in New York.

Art at the United NationsThis International art group consists of fourteen carefully selected, visual artists, who met at the 2003 Florence Biennial in Florence, Italy, and have since established Connecting-Art as a means of maintaining contact and providing a catalyst for interaction, understanding, and creative growth. As United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said at the 2001 Florence Biennale, “Artists have a special role to play in the global struggle for peace. At their best, artists speak not only to people; they speak for them. Art is a weapon against ignorance and hatred and an agent of public awareness… Art opens new doors for learning, understanding, and peace among people and nations.”

Connecting-Art members are acutely aware of the importance to humanity of connecting universally and without prejudice. As members, we draw together our creative energies and our individual and cultural identities to form a place of mutual support, inspiration, and innovation. We strive to promote respect for all styles and techniques of art; many artists live in societies where the inability to do so has resulted in obvious suffering.

Connecting-Art exhibitions seek to create this shared experience through art, which connects participants in a way that transcends differences. Our philosophy is to allow communication with intellect, passion and individuality, within a structure where the power of the connection is emphasized within a unique and multi-cultural framework that transcends differences.

Connecting-Art members recognize art as a universal language, a language not limited by abstract man-made parameters. We strive for an experience that is greater than simply the sum of individual contributions. As a group, Connecting-Art does not intend to act merely as a champion for art; rather it is our hope that each exhibition will enrich the viewer’s experience, leaving each with a moment of shared beauty and understanding. We hope to share a philosophy of creative innovation and interaction, within a context of mutual respect and learning. We believe that the context in which we live, create, and work is inextricably global and therefore inextricably linked. Imagination combined with critical intelligence, shaped by historical knowledge, in conjunction with contemporary thought and practice is crucial to any attempt to create in a distinctive way and that is who we are.

Members of the Connecting-Art group are Branka Ridicki-Croatia, Nel Ivancich-U.S., James Langston-U.S., Hilda Hiary-Jordan, Viyé Diba-Dakar, Andréa Musa-Croatia, Antonia Mae-Germany, Jasna Barisic-Croatia, Pierre Lopez-France, Richard Blancquart-France, Sarantis Gagas-Greece, Silvia Poloto-U.S., Tommy Barr-Ireland, and Yvan Lacanal-France.

The Connecting-Art group's future plans are to grow to represent artists from other cultures, continents, and styles, while maintaining standards of quality in our work. We desire to include artists from other nations and continents to make Connecting-Art fully representational of all cultures. Future exhibitions will be held at these venues: the United Nations building in New York City, Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and Thessaloniki, Greece."

Connecting-Art web site is located at

    This Press Release is brought to you by James Langston, James is one of the orginal artist we featured at ARTBABYART.COM in 2000


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