Small Wonders:
by amy jorgensen and paul mintz

How does that saying go, "it's not the size of the art that matters, it's the amount of imagination in the art that counts".  I recently met someone that discussed small art, she really liked it and collected it.  The pieces you see below can be considered small art, largest no more than 3 inches by 5 inches and the smallest a scant 1 inch by 1 inch.  For all of you out there dealing in the metric system, all I can say is that is small. 

Art by Amy Jorgensen Amy Jorgensen - "Hi I'm glad that you like my artwork. I really love to do my unique designs. I would like to market them but it is so hard in the art world.

My medium is pens because my artwork is really intricit. I also use deco extra fine paint pens, and also metallic silver pens. My artwork is so inricit that it takes a couple of hours to complete a card sized picture. My bigger ones can take up to a week or more.

The first thing I started with was my kaleidoscope designs then I worked my way up to more intricit and fancier designs. I have been doing these designs for about thirteen years now".

Art by Baltimore Artist Paul MintzWhile Baltimore Artist, Paul Mintz creates dazzling paintings the size of business cards, which he uses as business cards.  Paul also created a series of pins, which measures barely 1 inch by 1 inch.  Paul Mintz attended Maryland Institute, College of Art.  You Can find Paul's work at several gallerys in Baltimore as well as the Visionary Museum of Art.

Small Wonders
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