Steve Bowley:
SUNRISE: Illawarra, Australia

A very imaginative web site by Photographer Steve Bowley.  Steve concentrates on what he finds beautiful, sunrises and sunsets.  His site has a great inventory of photos arranged by date, so you can see the different light effects during the year.  If you were ever curious to see what parts of Australia are like, Steve also has a few images on a recent trip.  Please Check Out His Website.

Art by Steve Bowley "Wollongong, situated 80Kms South of Sydney, is an industrial centre which includes the largest steelworks in Australia. The surrounding area is called the Illawarra (ILLAWARRA), featuring some superb surf beaches, and rainforests. The Illawarra escarpment gives fabulous views along the coastline."

Art by Steve Bowley "I walked very early each morning along the deserted beaches and was astonished by the incredibly beautiful sunrises, until I came across a digital camera, and the rest, as they say, is history.."

Art by Steve BowleyArt by Steve Bowley

Steve Bowley
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