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Renting dvd movies from DVDavenue makes sense

First let me say the Artguy is a member of DVDavenue and is very happy with the service.  It is best to return movies one at a time, so you can get a movie back every 2 to 3 days!!!  If your timing is just right, plan on seeing a new movie every 3 days or upto 9 a month, all for only $14.95... that is less than $1.70 a movie.

No Late Fees

No Due Dates

All Shipping paid by DVD Avenue!

Unlimited Rental Plans. No Long Term Obligations


Terms & Obligations

Billing is done on a monthly basis. Your credit card will be initially billed on the date you join. It will then be re-billed on your monthly anniversary date. If you wish to cancel your account, all DVDS/GAMES must be returned to DVD Avenue before cancellation can take place. Once account is canceled there is no refund for unused portions of the month. DVD Avenue reserves the right to cancel any membership at any time for any reason. If this happens DVD Avenue will refund the customer for the month cancellation takes place.

Please, don't forget to tell them we sent you...Thanks!!!

For only $14.95 a month get unlimited DVD rentals without any late fees or due dates at DVD Avenue

Live on the East Coast? DVD AVENUE ships from Maryland!

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