Where to Find What…

Clocks by Rick Santiago
New Hope Festival, PA. – Work by Rick Santiago

This Blog will be the central and only blog for the following websites; artbabyart.com – artundergroundstudio.com – quirkyspace.com Will start updating with current and future projects.

I’ve reinstalled and made live the original websites, they’re kinda cool and very retro with simple HTML, JavaScript, etc.

At artbabyart.com major updates looks to have stopped around 2014, if you click on the “Pssst, what’s new?” link, I believe it will show updates as far back as Artscape 2000 here in Baltimore City.

At quirkyspace.com you’ll find this website goes back as far as 2006, however not all the links will work but the reading gets you up to date. artundergroundstudio.com has been a static site since the beginning but the the design is kinda neat for that era. Some links will not work till we get around to updating each site but the info is priceless…