The 3 Body Problem Show

The three-body problem describes the motion of three-point mass particles under their mutual gravitational interactions. This is a classical problem that covers a large range of situations in astrodynamics. An instance of such situations is the motion of the Moon about the Earth under the influence of the Sun.

“3 Body Problem is based on a real math problem that is so complex it’s impossible to solve. The three-body problem is a centuries-old physics question that puzzled Isaac Newton. It describes the orbits of three bodies, like planets or stars, trapped in each other’s gravity.”

“Instead of stabilizing, the third element creates chaos and causes the objects to fly around and interact in completely unpredictable ways — spinning off into space, crashing into each other, or bouncing off one another’s gravitational spheres and careening in completely different directions.”

Novel – The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin
Netflix – 3 Body Problem series

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Happy Birthday by Rick Santiago (Not for Sale)

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People of Earth version of a 3 Body Problem

Creativity is an Objective Truth that Cannot be Taught…

Free Palestine

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Found in the Mount Royal Station building, somewhat intimidating and uncomfortable, which I suppose is the entire purpose.

Attended Friday evening and weather was not cooperative, misty rain throughout my visit.

I made it through most of the exhibits/buildings but missed the Fox Building. The Mount Royal Station building, fiber arts, had some very outstanding presentations, plenty to see here. Dolphin Design Center sparse and mostly uninteresting and some uninspiring maybe I just don’t find this type of work to my liking.

The Maryland Institute College of Art

Out of Order 2024

The River Okeanos Out of Order 2024
The River Okeanos – Out of Order 2024

My piece at the Out of Order Show by Maryland Art Place. Opening Reception Friday April 19, 2024. Big thanks again to MAP, this marks my 20th year participating at OOO!!! On a side note, works from 2004 through 2009 were exceptional but eats gradually went downhill after 2007! However, the open bar and food has vastly improved since 2016, if that makes any difference. (I have to confess, one year when there was a weird mix of eats, I picked up a nice looking cupcake but completely dropped it, it was a very moist cupcake, I think I just walked away.)

About – In the ancient Greek cosmogony the RIVER OKEANOS (Oceanus) was a great, fresh-water stream which encircled the flat disc of the earth… read more

Art – “The River Okeanos” is fabric applied on wood and acrylic paints, 32″ x 16″. This particular piece can be hung vertically as well as horizontally. There is an applied finish, so most stains can be wiped off with damp cloth or sponge.

If you have any question or comments message me at 443-390-6599

Where to Find What…

Clocks by Rick Santiago
New Hope Festival, PA. – Work by Rick Santiago

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Out of Order v. 2023

On a personal note, my piece sold at the Maryland Art Place, Out of Order April 22, 2023 exhibit!!! Always a fun time seeing familiar faces as well as meeting the strange and unusual. I like this piece but I was so late in the game that I didn’t have the extra time to just look, stare and possibly put a shine on this one but still glad it found a new home. Wood, Acrylics, Gold & Silver Leaf, Mixed Media, 3D

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