Ashley Reaks:
thankfully naive

Art by Ashley ReaksI'm a self-taught and thankfully naive artist from the bleakly beautiful North of England, now living in London though i don't really know why...

my creativity is driven by a very young child inside me...lost, playful, funny, alive, angry, mysterious, dark and overwhelmed by adult life which i've never quite understood...

i have very real relationships with the people in my images and often give them names... i say goodbye to them in the morning and it's nice to know they'll be there for me when i get's also important to have them around me at bedtime...i feel protected when they're around...

art is where i feel alive...making it is a matter of life and death to me...maybe not physically but certainly emotionally...i feel far more at home in my imaginary world than i do in the real world..

i also write Ramones-esque's one

Diary of a Crab

December 7th 1989.
Got up.

I was a musician for years and was inspired by the DIY ethos of punk fact technical knowledge for me gets in the way of the creation...what i love is the emergence of the image (or song)..if i know what i'm doing there's no mystery... i got too technically proficient as a musician to be surprised any more so took up art instead..

i have no plan and am continually awe-struck when the image shows up..i always 'recognize' the image and i feel an obligation to be the midwife to it...otherwise i'm denying someone or something their existence (or something like that)

the environment is crucial for making stuff...for me it has to be in my bedroom with the headphones on blaring out music from my adolescence (Ruts, Devo, Magazine, Stranglers, PIL,) and frankincence burning to remind me of being reluctantly dragged around church as a small boy...

that'll's another poem

Things worth living for

1. Orgasm

2. Salted peanuts

and here's some reasons to die...

stubbing my toe, serial murderers, more than words by extreme,
being sent to fat camp,
getting a life sentence for a crime you didn t commit,
single sex schools, personalised number plates, liver,
feeling suicidal, adolf hitler, Christian rock,
Cliff Richard s Mistletoe and Wine , the chuckle brothers, people who wear socks with their name on them, politics, being buried alive, pork pies,
waking up in the middle of an operation, darts,
pub bands playing reggae , Sanskrit tattoos, wasps,
being immersed in miasma, rhubarb, the future,
wearing a hawaiian shirt when you re severely depressed,
double-barrelled names, bling,
blokes with beards with no moustache, Kenny G,
slippers with headlights on them, the electric chair,
the words to Life by Des ree,
blokes with perms, waking up, stretch limos,
people who think Michael Flatley's of some use to humanity, offal,
Cliff Richard s Millenium Prayer , mowing the lawn, oysters,
the black death, having a healthy limb amputated by mistake,
smooth jazz, ,
dogs with tartan coats, off milk, south african accents,
fat men who pull their trousers up to their nipples,
going for a jog, adults who get dressed up as babies

Art by Ashley Reaks

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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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