Jeffrey Scott Holland:
kentucky life

This art is what happens when you grow up in the woods of Kentucky with a photographic memory, going to a small private school in a nearby town but living on a deep-rural farm with bookworm parents. You end up reading Kipling as a toddler and Kafka as a pre-teen, and drawing at an impossibly precocious age. I'm proud to say my style has progressed very little since those formative years.

I don't disown my rural upbringing. I revel in it. There are those who seek to whitewash all "primitive" aspects of rural life in the South, even to the point of being offended at shows like "The Beverly Hillbillies". These are the people who would homogenize Kentucky to the point of being indistingushable from anywhere else. These are the people who cannot abide the knowledge that I, Jethro, walk among them. They are the enemy.

However, unlike some artists, neither do I rely on ruralness as a gimmick. My art represents Kentucky life as parts of a greater whole, as elements of an almost holographic construct, rather than relying on flat cliches. I am not going to spend my life painting barns, covered bridges, and cornfields for their own sake. These things tend to appear in the backgrounds of paintings of things of far greater importance during my rural upbringing: comic books. sex. music. food. Iconic imagery that personifies the mysteries of nature and life that probably can only be fully understood by those of us who entered puberty surrounded by haunted wilderness.

I am omnivorous about my choice of materials. I have painted on canvas, wood, paper, ceramic tiles, pegboard, china plates, rat traps, pizza boxes, and anything within reach.

I am what some people would call a neo-expressionist, though I'm not fond of anything that has a "neo-" attached to it. I declare that my art is sincere and genuine, as opposed to the great deal of art out there which seems to me to be soulless and fake. Any artist who paints what he really wants to paint, and expresses what he really intends to express is automatically beyond reproach.

My art is not for the jaded or the unenthusiastic.

Bernard Buffet said: "Painting, we do not talk about it, we do not analyze it, we feel it." There it is, then. My paintings do not require the viewer to read two pounds of text in order to be "truly understood" in the "proper perspective".

Jeffrey Scott Holland
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