Lyndon Summers:
brisbane, australia

It's a long way from the other side of the world to where you probably are right now (think about it and it's true, unless your world is a whole lot smaller) and from this other side I write as the rain pours down on Brisbane (Australia) and can't really think of anything terribly constructive to say.

Everything that is said in art today has probably been said yesterday and the day before.  It is impossible to create without influence, originality is a thing of the past.  However, personality can seep through the cracks of the creative process giving us a whole new method to interpreting the birth of new pieces.  Study your own catologue of creations sometime. Some dark and sinister moments can be rediscovered, as can the overly chirpy and optimistic ones.

I paint, draw, photograph, whatever... for something to do. I can't sell my stuff cause i want to keep it all (not a good trait to have if you want to live off your art.)  I have discovered that if I copy my images on to t-shirts in limited edition quantities, I can sell them, I dont need 100 of the same shirt.

Art by Lyndon Summers

Lyndon Summers
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"bringing IT to you the way THEY won't...It's art baby! art!"

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