Paul McCoy:
practically art

Wall QuiltPractically Art is the culmination of years of construction, home improvement and crafts experience being utilized to create highly functional designs.

Most projects/ designs are presented to me as challenges to create a certain end product. I wanted to reupholster some kitchen chairs so I borrowed a sewing machine, bought some fabric and started sewing. After years of honing these skills I began sewing dresses, gowns, making dolls and most recently machine quilts.

Being a plumbers assistant, uh I mean son; I spent many hours watching and learning how things were put together. Today you will find many construction techniques and materials in my work.

Practically Art

My greatest thrill is for someone to approach me with a concept and for me to bring it to life. I very rarely just come up with an idea without having a use or need for it first.

I love the outdoors and the earth. Creating gardens and decorating with my art is a double pleasure! I'm thankful to my mom, Jackie for teaching how to live outside the boundaries of expectations and to my father, for teaching how to use my hands and brain.

Towel Rack

Paul McCoy
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