Existential Art:
by l'nhoj yesdnil

What is existential art by John LindseyWhat is 'Existential Art'?
existential (eg'zis-ten'shel) adj. of or based on existence. (state of being)

In existential therapy, art is used as a surrealist method to access the subconscious, to learn to struggle with ones inconsistent dogmatic thought patters.

Yet the subconscious is an abstract assumption. And assumptions are unproven subjective thoughts, not the real objective world. To experience the real world and the god like Omni presence of the right brain you must experience sensory depravation beyond the point of not thinking.

The basics of existentialism is that we are all alone, free, abandoned in the hostile world and that struggling against coemption, apathy, lethargy, entropy... self-realization is the only thing that keeps us free. Not that freedom is entirely possible while still controlled by ones biological urges ( like baby making and it's nesting urges.) The more you adhere to a preconceived view of reality the less self-will you have. Humans are not god incarnate, but not for lack of trying.

Whin some one says, "you are going to hell because you don't believe his gospel", then refuses to take personal responsibility for that judgment:{"believing" that bible statement is true}. By his own set of rules, he has condemned him self to a non-free state.

This action is from a loss of faith in freedom due to not understanding it. It's every ones responsibility to think for them self's and not become cattle.

Some think existentialism has something to do with despair just because an existentialist will talk about such frightful concepts as: 'gasoline addiction leads to war', and how most ways to get ahead in this world are doomed to failure because no one takes the time to think out the long term effects to the rest of the world. Only the short-term effects of personal profit, eventually leading to modern drug addictions such as T.V., sugar, and anti-depressants; the prime causes of 'attention deficit disorder' and 'generalized anxiety disorder'(denial). Proving that I have no unconscious to keep me from being free.... free to play god, and feel anguish when I consider the consequences!

(The idea of god is self-contradictory [god is dog spelled backwards], but belief in science promotes Nihilism.)

My paintings are an attempt to under stand and come to terms with the petrifying horror of the self-contradiction of the human condition by 'empathy' rather than classification and intellectualism, (resulting in detachment). There by creating meaning in my other wise meaningless world.

By studying body language one can understand (via the right brain) deep preverbal thought. I particularly like children's body language because it is not hidden under layers of preconceived thought.

I think it's about time to take responsibility for, and change the idea of 'art as a commodity' that doesn't really try to communicate deep complex thoughts about the interdependence of life on space ship earth. The only reason that non-socially responsible art is still being promoted is that the art hierarchy ('money oligarchy') has too much to loose by embracing the real issues of our times, (such as: How can you tell the difference between a philosopher and a mad man?...Or: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?).
All this absurdity promotes satire.

All this absurdity promotes satire.

Existential funney farm art by L'Nhoj Yesdnil:
Artist's survival fund donations accepted for paintings
U.S.postal money order, or CASH,only by insured mail:
L'Nhoj Yesdnil
All paintings posted in mailing tubes.($10 to $15 shipping)


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