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Olavi Ahokas - the art and his interests on this homepage!

Brian Allan Abstractio and more abstraction. Cool Fine Arts and Photography

Art Access - The Art Access Network offers The Art Academy Directory of Artists, artists studios, webspace and site hosting including a choice of domain names, templates, Art Supplies and Art Resources.

Art Direct - International Fine Arts Gallery. Featuring over 50 Artists from around the world. Fine Art broker services, and website designs and layouts for Artists and Galleries.

ArtOntario - On-line, secure purchases of distinct art at our Ontario galleries.  See such items as floor cloths, gold jewelry,serigraphs, digital prints raku pottery, stained glass, sculptures, gardenart and paintings.  Discover our gift shop.

Artpaperwork - Art & Paper - Site about Contemporary Art on Paper

Artgenii - cybernetic art gallery - A cybernetic art gallery featuring VERY talented multinational artists both newly discovered and re- knowned. Quality artwork to view or purchase at affordable prices.

Abstract art for reflection

art2business - rent and purchase of contemporary and ethnic art, African woodcarvings, Tanzanian TingaTinga art. Based in the Netherlands.

Art Galleries Online - This page is the hub of many artists' drawings. On this site you will find many different styles of drawing, from cartooning to realism.

6g Alternative Space - 6g is an alternative space located in Miami, Florida's "Little Havana" showing works by established and merging artists who work with alternative mediums or use convenstional mediums is non-conventional ways. Adalberto Delgado - unique artwork from around the world

artists own registry - Arts/Crafts Gallery and Registry. NO-commission charges on sales. Live Voice Forum and Bulletin Board. Useful links. - An extensive directory of art and art history resources - How People Find Art - A cooperative Internet portal dedicated to fine art and art related services offering art enthusiasts over 96,000 images of art and over 3,800 gallery listings.

The Art Academy - The Art Academy offers free image and text links to artists as well as links to art resource sites.

Art Spot Olympia - great art resource in Washington State

Helinä Ahokas - I have been painting my whole life, with oils, acrylics and more recently with watercolors. My work spans from what ever happens around the world to still life. Art for me is also a private fantasy world to escape to, and a source of meditation. 

ArTrujillo Studio Gallery** - ArTrujillo is a collective, multi-cultural gallery of international artists featuring monthly exhibits by Latino, Chicano, Middle Eastern and Euro-American artists in Minneapolis, MN.

the art collective - The UK's most innovative art collective present fluxus art for the next millenium in the form of 'stickfactory' - Manufacturer Looking for wholesaler and retailer for museum quality oil painting reproductions. Original hand-painted-signed oil paintings by artist.Our goal is to provide you with a quality oil paintingthat you can be proud of at a very low affordable price From manufacturer directly !


Art of Bliss - Art of Bliss offers mixed media collections. Includes photography, illustration, design, video, paintings, and more. Purchase art directly through site. New commissions welcome.

Art That Shouts - Post-modern and not post-modern; explorations into the state of human nature. Jonathan Ealam

Aardvark Art Gallery - Quality online gallery showcasing the works of the contemporary artist/graphic designer/illustrator/photographer Pierre and other Australian artists. Site includes Galleries exhibiting paintings in Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Pastel and Mixed Media. There is a section containing detailed biographies of famous artists and their works. Site contains an e studio where people can view works in progress and obtain art news, reviews and tips. There is an excellent links page and contact information. An artists statement is also provided.

Australia Aborigines - Steve Clarke

ahdin taide art 59 - Oil paintings Photos Photomanipulations of my own artworks

Arte Noreriano - With extraordinary clarity of mind the Norero artist set about discovering new rules. His work is a valuable for its moral qualities as for its technical skill and its style. His painting is that of a sage and apostle, it is persuasive and forces us, so to speak into meditation and silence.

ARTeUTILe project - the project offers artists free webspace to promote their work as well as building a network of artists who want to collaborate with the Project.The website also provides valuable links and useful information for artists

Art is Hell - Gabrielle de Montmollin, over 120 images ranging from boldly surreal to downright quirky from 2 professional artists, one a painter, the other a photographer

Ahdin taide art 59 - oilpaintings, photoes, digiphotoes, short story of artist

Artbeat - Artbeat gallery...made by artist, run by artist & for artist! Terry Kennedy

Galerie Appassionata - APAINTING AND DRAWING FROM THE XXth. Ecole de Paris : Montmpartre et Montparnasse. CHAPIRO. KREMEGNE. BLOND. PASCIN ETC... our passion : DANCE. les BALLETS RUSSES, sets and costumes projects with GONTCHAROVA. LARIONOV. EXTER. BAKST. BERARD and so on.....

Art is Hell - Over 120 images ranging from boldly surreal to downright quirky from 2 professional artists, one a painter, the other a photographer

AOA - Alternative Online Artists - an online art collective made up of artists in the styles of Contemporary Pop, Graffiti, Outsider, Fluxus, Folk, Dada, and Urban art. - is an online art gallery featuring the mandala work of Ian Revell, a photo-assemblage artist. Visit and view the online galleries, send an e-card and more. Original works and prints are available to purchase.

Aniyas's Magic Art - Ania Podkanski, Modern and erotic mages painted in oil pastels.

Anastasia Art - Los Angeles photographer Stacie Milmeister displays her online fine art gallery of documentary photos of people, icons, landscapes, nature, nudes, celebrities, children, architecture, infrareds, weddings, events, parties, travels and life. These works are available in signed and numbered limited edition silver prints.

Australian Contemporary Cubist - Ralph Ross, Australian Cubist painter

Arts Nova 2000 - Art Community, in Spanish, Principally... "Ask not, what your gallery can do for YOU, Ask What YOU can do for YOUR Gallery, Curator, Museum, Representant, Collector, Dealer, Critic...." Antonio Palos, Apropiacion de JFK, Sept. 2001.

Artfocus Online - ARTFOCUS ONLINE is the web extension of ARTFOCUS MAGAZINE, a review of contemporary art published in Toronto, Canada. We feature artists portfolios, crosslinks, current events, articles, artbooks,art calendar, free bulletin boards, artfairs, horoscopes for the arts & host the Canadian art critic's website.

anthonymarbleworks - Operating room nurse uses surgery drill bits to carve detail into original works in marble.

Bronze sculpture by contemporary artist RADU AFTENIE - Exhibiting figurative, abstract and conceptual art. Bronze, stone and wood sculptures are presented along with more relevant monument sculptures and drawings. Includes curriculum.

Art Collective - The Art Collective is a unique gallery that emphaisis the functional object.(But represents all kinds of groovy things.) It is also a resource for artists who create works which one can consider part of the home environment. The Gallery exhibits 6 to 7 theme based shows per year, as well as individual artists. Art Collective is located in the up and coming Hip NE Mpls, MN art scene.

Art for the New Millenium - Art site celebrating women and the return to the feminine aspect. Madonna & Child, Angels, Tarot, Jazz, Celebration of Life and other themes. Watercolor paintings with vibrant color, combining ethnic and classical style.

ALESADO Art Gallery - Abstract paintings, bio, exhibitions

Amazing watercolor and oil paintings by a disabled person, A MUST - A gallery of watercolor and oil paintings by a Quadriplegic Artist who paints with a brush held in his mouth, commendable.

Art-gallery ART-VOLGA - Paintings, drawings, sculpture, crafts - original works by contemporary Russian artists. Works for sale are presented; fast and quality delivery of ordered items guaranted.

Steve Ackerman artist - Online art gallery exhibition featuring the paintings of Steve Ackerman UK artist, Poole, Dorset. Surreal, figurative, architectural, portraits, landscapes, still life, realism. Charcoal and pencil drawings, posters, prints, commissions.

Corrie Ancone. Photographic Artist - A Photographic pantheon of contemporary mythological beings,charged with sensuality and creating new and visual dimensions.

ALESADO Art Gallery - Abstract paintings,bio,exhibitions

Art Effects - 'Art Effects' is the result of the combined efforts of Tim Haas of Tim Haas Artistry and Linda Cassels-Hofmann of Castles In The Air. Together they use a wide variety of techniques to create imaginative illusions with their murals and artwork. Whether it is through the Tricks of Trompe L'Oeil or the skillful Art of Faux Finishing, their Murals and art will have you wondering what is real and what is not.

Abodelic Art - Fine art paintings done by Charlene Kirton. Her style is impressionistic bent towards realism. She paints landscapes, seascapes, still-life, flowers and more using mostly acrylics with some oils and water colors. Larry Kirton

thomas anderson abstract mixed media - Tom Anderson is an abstract mixed media artist from the Pacific Northwest. His work combines found elements from the worlds of art and industry, like, copper,aluminum,enamels and chemicals. The results are highly detailed, complex and richly textural. His work has been described as forcefully modern, yet un-alienating and approachable

Art 2000 - Piotra Mackiewicza artistic multi-talented, creator new trend in art. - NEOSURREALIZM. Gallery to include works copyright- paintings , sculpture. Featuring original oils and bronze sculpture and other materials, sculptor, public art specialist, educator, links, Neosurrealism

Accurate Pencil Portraits - High quality Pencil Portraits hand drawn from submitted photographs by U.K. artist Nick Mannerings.

Artezphotovisions : Fine Art Photography - Features several galleries of black and white photographs taken by Artez : Ballet, statues, mannequins, fine art nudes, Venice carnival, journeys, research works and portraits. Prints for sale. - Online gallery of contemporary art and fine craft from artists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Artaina - Joyeria Artesanal - We make jewelry with a Caribbean Motif. All are made by hand in Cayey, PR. We also print T-shirts, bags, caps, etc. with local iimages.

Abstract Expressionism by Andrea Kostyal - Abstract expressionist paintings a la Hans Hoffman, still life and nudes from a self representing Hungarian artist living in Atlanta, GA

Art to Order - mark dallmeier

Francois Aleta - Visual Artist - FRANCOIS ALETA. Video Artist web site. Videos, installations, performances, poems, music, sound, online art. Last projects. My work is about human kind.

ARCHAEOPTERYX - ARCHAEOPTERYX features the paintings, stained glass, music and writings of Gary A. Ayres. There is also a page on his work as a systemic family therapist and art therapist.

artpoint :: studio :: beate sandor - conceptual art, virtual portfolio of acrylic paintings and exhibitions © beate sandor

art2business - contemporary and ethnic artwork. African woodcarvings and Tanzanian Tingatinga art. Based in the Netherlands.

Exquisite African Art - Our Internet site is one of the leading proponents of irresistible African Art with timeless beauty.

Articité - Le portail des arts visuels - Le portail des arts visuels en France : musées, galeries, centres d'art classés par régions - Expositions actuelles et/ou à venir : art contemporain, le rdv d'artistes peintres, sculpteurs.


Byrum Fantasy Art Gallery** - Gallery of fantasy art by artist Ron Byrum. Art that presents a magical world of beauty, hope, love, inspiration and thought provoking illustrations.

bureau for strange paintings - contemporary art

BIO.ART - Britt.I.Olofsson(BIO)

Blind Horse Gallery - Studio + Gallery - Expressions in "Acrylic" direct from the artist Hans-Erich Stuedli

Justin Bailey, a human being - is a British artist who paints, takes photographs and eats a lot of curry

Andrew Barton** - Figurative sculpture integrating abstract and bodily fluids

Karin Bartimole - Art is Life is Art! Karin Bartimole shares her mixed media art - drawing, paper mache, collage, painting, and writing. Explore your creativity, spirit and life through images, words and presence. Come explore through mandalas, collage, poetry and journaling - Stimulate your mind, engage your body, and nourish your soul...

Brave New World**

Figurative Oil Paintings by Leah Bendahan** - Featuring figurative oil paintings of club people, music and lifestyle. Presented with Flash animation and music.

Stefan Blondal, Artist / Painter - Official Site of the Award-Winning Danish Painter presenting Oilpaintings in the Categories: Eroticism and Sensuality, Portraits, Mysticism and Spirituality.

Blabsabs - piet bouter - 20 categories worth of personal interests cumulatively piled into a loglike set of colourful files weighing in at around 88K when finished. Continuous since 98. early works are split into topic relevant chapters; lasting interests: indiginous foibles and frays. Alternative economics like micro-credit, free-banking and community currency; last but not least: understanding and applying rock dust as the ultimate bottom up measure possible. In one sentence: Escape hedonist hippydom and come to grips with grippyness

3D Digital Artwork - Bryce 3D - Original 3D Artwork created by David L. Bradshaw Created using Bryce 3D 4.01 Catagories Of Artwork: Christian & Religion, Mountains, Water Falls, Fiction, Space.

Stephen Brayfield, Fine Art and Illustration - portfolio of watercolor and pastel paintings, portraits, illustration and whimsical art.

BlackHole (FM) - Finnish contemporary artist Ismo Jokiaho. Partly in english.

BODYSCAN Digital Photography - Bodyscan is a digital photograph, serial image of a nude, scanned from foot to head across the back and head to foot across the front.

Antonio Boniolo opere 1977 - 1997 - Se il lavoro dell’artista può considerarsi come il risultato di indagine e ricerca sul linguaggio e la sua trasformazione in messaggio poetico, ciò è pienamente verificabile nella pittura di Antonio Boniolo

Benbow Bullock, Sculptor** - Onlione international directory of sculpture parks and gardens with links to over 250 sites. Sponsored by San Francisco sculptor, Benbow Bullock, who has his work in many of them. Free public service updated daily.

Pastel Portraits by Christine Belanger - Vintage ~ People ~ Children ~ Pets

BLUE SKY STUDIOS - Julie Francella-Gregson is quickly establishing her reputation as an artist all over the world. She works in various types of media and she is primarily a realist artist but has worked in many different styles. Visit her site for a sample of her original works and prints for sale. - contemporary figurative paintings in acrylic on canvas or panel by artists including Andrew Jackson whoes paintings have been prompted by images seen while driving

A Black and White Photogtraphy Portfolio - Black and white fine art photography portfolio of Canadian photographer Paul Politis' various themes. Portraits, nature and more. Silver gelatin limited edition prints.

Maureen Bloesch - kwel site...nice work

James Brown - A database of over 150 original abstract works by Seattle artist James J Brown

Bigcatheads by BAM - Recent Paintings by Bruce Andrew Mckay. Humorous and colorful large acrylic canvases.

A Black and White Photography Portfolio - Black and white fine art photography portfolio; various themes. Portraits, nature and more. Paul Politis

Breakout Artworks Graphic Art Studio - Original pen & ink artwork silk screened on T-shirts, also original computer and hand drawn artwork on pin back buttons, by semi-famous 70's Hippie / Biker artist "Big John" Steele (and I bet you thought he was dead). Plus cool Music & Misc. links!

Sheri Lynn Burhoe - Realism styled oil painting & Charcoal work's. Subject's include,Animal's,Still Life & People. Canadian Artist.

Art and music of Craig Bennett - The haunting and captivating, melancholic and atmospheric music and art of Craig Bennett. Featuring moody, atmospheric indie pop with narrative lyrics. Paintings are acrylic and charcoal on canvas with an expressionistic female figure in the foreground and a cityscape in the background.

Jeff Brown Pottery - Contemporary wheel thrown and hand built stoneware

Dan McCormack's BODYSCAN Digital Photography - Bodyscan is a digital photograph, serial image of a nude, scanned from foot to head across the back and head to foot across the front.

atelier bordas - Printmaking in Paris. Site of a great printshop in Paris. Gallery & studio with litho, offset and digital printing facilities. If you stop by Paris... jacques renaud

karl bielik - paintings and illustrations of british based artist,abstract paintings-working with found objects,scraps of conversation,bits of grafitti,snippets of unknown lives. using a wide variety of materials-metal, wood,carspray,acrylic,canvas,pencil, stockings,bandage to work on and with. these paintings deal with loss, gradual decay and a love of life.

STOYAN BEKARELLI'S ART GALLERY - Art Critic Radostiny Karabeloff present The European Style and Soul in the Stoyan Bekarelli's Art . New Modern Wave in The European Art ! The best for you collectors !!!

Patricia Buzo - Twin Cities, Minnesota. Fine faux finishes, custom murals, trompe l'oeil, stenciling, authentic Italian plasters, fresco painting, and decorative painting. Online gallery.


From The Creative - From The Creative: New art gallery of Michele Phelan. For gorgeous Teddy Bear Art, Fantasy Art, and Black & Whites...

Alexander Chubar - Contemporary figurative paintings and drawings. The site includes still lifes, figures, portraits and interiors. Some art works comprise erotic and mythological themes.

Tom Chambers - Documentary and Visual Arts Introduction and discussion of Tom Chambers Documentary and Visual Arts projects.

Caley Art - Peter Jean Caley

Victoria Contreras - From Spain and the tradition of heterodox thought and art History, over 50 oils, drawings and digital art around human bodies and beings.

Comic Asylum - Surreal online comic from the UK. Includes 'Paranoid Joe' and the office humour of 'Graham.

City Kitty Company - Have you gone Moskowitz yet?


Alejandro López Correa - This site displays a range of works: paintings, digital images, photos, drawings and netart

Colors By Cindy - Art by Cindy Thibodeaux. Watercolor, pastels, and oils.

China Gallery - The Gallery of China is possibly the most visited and most beautiful Chinese painting website on the internet - but it is also much more than this. You'll find many wonderful paintings, lots of interesting articles about Feng Shui, Taoism, Buddhism, Martial Arts, a resource center for anything and everything related to China, the chance to win a free original painting just for visiting, freebies, and much more.

Anam Amhran Celtic Art Studio - Celtic Art - Traditional and contemporary celtic art crafted in the methods of the ancient scribes.

Scott Condell - he site previews 100 of NY "Outsider" s. Condell's Paintings & Sculptures, who started his career creating monumental stone sculptures in the Public Arts Forum, is committed, the pursuit of capturing the beauty and pain of the human condition.

R. Lynn Christie - Artist, Bio and Three Galleries of Portraits, Home Portraits, and Exhibited Works. Also Work for sale. Artist works in a range from Realism to Cubism - whatever mood strikes. Portraits, Home Portraits, and Paintings Can be Custom Ordered from the site as well.

Cuong Phat Ceramic Co.,Ltd - Cuong Phat Co.,Ltd. fine art ceramic is well known for its fine quality of handmade ceramic. Specializing in manufacturing vases, pots, figurines and tableware, our products are being world-widely exported to France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan... With a team highly skilled workers and leading technicians, we proudly deliver quality products, labeled or bar-code packed in carton box.

Humberto Calzada--Limited Edition Prints - Signed and numbered limited edition serigraphs and digital prints of the work of Cuban-American artist, Humberto Calzada. - art directory and search engine, Find all about art: Artists, art works, painting, galleries sculptures

Clayway - Russia. Voronezh. Six men. Small gallery of our ceramic creations.

Atmara Rebecca Cloe - The visionary, digital art of Atmara Rebecca Cloe. Includes over 100 different prints, wholesale & retail. Licensing & new commissions welcome.

Contemporary Figurative Oil Paintings - Vivid, expressionistic oil paintings, some with Jewish themes, by Canadian artist Martina Shapiro.

Abstract Comics and Surreal Funnies - Tony Calzetta's imagery is original, colourful and engaging. His web site features over 115 images of his painting, drawing, prints and sculpture since 1977.

stop child labour - A web site against child labour realized by italian students. There is a virtal show. Also in English

A Figurative Gallery by Lynne Cerro - Paintings rendered in the style of Classical Realism and masterfully detailed in watercolor.

contemporary glass design studio - Experimental, design studio in Melbourne Australia creating sculptural, installation work, architectural and functional glass objects,

carter's art site - Californian Artist pursueing a fine arts career.

Communication by images - Photographic reportage from many Countries of the world. Digital and thematic art compositions. The wish to imagine a different world. Fabrizio Fiorenzano

Conceptual Art Projects - Conceptual art projects by Allan Revich. 100 Vertical Eyes, Bammy, The End, and more coming soon.

cobo pintor tarragona - pinturas dibujos retratos paisajes fotografias enlaces

The Country Artist: the Internet art gallery - An art gallery in Hay-on-Wye, UK displaying paintings and prints by Mike Knight

Francis Camilleri, Amazing watercolor and oil paintings by a disabled person, A MUST - A gallery of watercolor and oil paintings by a Quadriplegic Artist who paints with a brush held in his mouth, commendable.

cobo pintor tarragona - pinturas dibujos retratos paisajes fotografias enlaces

CDIslands - Tropical art and photography. Transparent watercolors, Polaroid SX-70 art and hand-painted Polaroid transfers, photography. Landscapes, seascapes, architecture, beaches, birds, animals, marine life, sunsets, flowers. Originals and prints. Pauline Walsh Jacobson

Capra 7 Art Studio - Australian abstract expressionist artist Shane Garton. Works on paper and canvas, acrylic and oils. A contemporary international style emphasising the meditative, spiritual, poetic and human condition. Jazz and poetry a source of inspiration to many of the art works.

CREATIVE VISION - On Line gallery of original african American Art.

Rustic Woodworking by Nick Cygan - Maine coast artist Nick Cygan creates beautiful and unique handcrafted rustic furniture.

Caribbean Colors - Tropical Theme Watercolor Paintings. Beaches, Palms,Turquoise Water and Serene Settings. Originals & some Prints. Commissions available. Mastercard & Visa accepted. Ideal for any tropical decor. " Serenity by Sight " Email the artist Barry Launius

Lyle Carbajal - "Urban-Primitive" paintings - whatever the hell that means!

Cynful Creations

Ray Cologon - Ray Cologon is a sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. Cologon's work is unusual and original, using precious and exotic woods to create finely detailed turned and carved wood art, it presents wood as a precious resource. The work draws on rich figurative and imaginative sources, often using contrasting timbers (as an allegory for dualities within human experience). It achieves a mysterious, timeless quality which complements its metaphysical themes.

Criminal Art E-Gallery - Criminal Art is an online functional art e-gallery. Our art includes furniture, jewelry, clothing, and anything else functional and whimsical. It is a crime to have art this cool!

Art For The Criminally Insane - The Art of Jeff Gaither

Orignal Lanscapes by Steve Coyne - Original gallery of Art by Steve Coyne, using 3D models and software... High Quality large format Images and Screensavers of the Fantasy and science fiction theme

Cerejido - Miguel Cerejido. Cuban-born artist's collection of original works inspired by music and the images music generates in his personal sensibility.

Cynful Creations - Affordable Arts for All

California Paintings - California paintings depicting political, racial and religious themes

Art By Michelle Collins - Welcome to My Imagination Please Excuse The Mess" View Art By Michelle Astuto Collins as well as many resourceful links for artists!

Coli Cola - Pierre Robin young french artist fond of collage

Julie Caird - This is a collection of unique, hand painted treasures all handpainted and signed by the artist, Julie Caird. Specializing in glassware, goblets, wine, martini, margarita, champagne, wedding accessories, gifts for anniversary, birthday, shower and housewarming.


DamagedCorpse - September 11 003 DamagedCorpse is now one month year. This site or place or area may offer you various strong feelings. What is the doll you want for xmas?, what kind of mask do you want to wear?, what is your inner world thru various pictures made of paper and digital stuff? Should you want to be a guest artist? ... etc ... Come in.

Desktop Publishing, link partner

Dusty Domino** -, Outsider Art from the Deep South

Harry Duse - Each painting I paint is unique and I hope you enjoy them as muchas I enjoy creating them for you...I'm a 56 year old Graphic Artist and Certified Bill Alexander Instructor I've taught and painted in oils since 1988 in the Philadelphia area and enjoy fishing and bird watching, but most of all I enjoy just hanging out with my wife Kathy and our cat Midnight ...

The Art of Juno Duran - Current art projects using Photo Realism and Photography, focusing on the portrayal of subcultures and the alternative.

Art, Prints and Posters by Marc Doyle - Showcasing the work of artist & designer, Marc Doyle, featuring Marc's celebrated 'CATS', florals, abstracts and landscapes, all available to purchase online as art prints & posters. - site of London artist Duggie Fields featuring paintings, Virtual Gallery, prints MAXIMALism manifesto, music, spoken word and animation.

Bob Dornberg - 250 scroll down quick open paintings of more qualities, paintings treating the element5s that make a painting, rather than the subjects thereof

Dreamscapes - A gallery of original surrealist oil paintings. Dawn Price

AOR Steve Danzig - Steve Danzig is a leading digital artist & Director for the International Digital Art Awards, World Digital Art & International Digital Biennale Russia

Diana's Homepage - Oil and watercolor landscapes, seascape, portraits, pencil drawings, color pencil, charcoal, cartooning, fashion designing, fairy art...

Dont DRINK and DRAW - A wild roller coaster ride thru fine art gallery of paintings by master artist Michael Godard, photo realistic, contemporary art, alternative art, limited edition prints, wildlife art, fantasy and more

Jacques Duvoisin - antique clocks, sale, restoration by a Swiss clockmaker. wall clocks, mantel clocks, bracket and carriage clock, fine antique clocks and longcase, equipment, example of restoration work. anecdotes in horology. collection. Antique clocks - Pendulantic

DataWorld Service, Inc. - Providing optimum printing and digital services in Stamford, CT for artists and businesses, including giclée printing, custom posters, cd covers and duplication, web design, graphic design, invitations, postcards, laminatation, training brochures, letterheads, business cards, catalogs, mounting, scanning, framing, four color press, packaging, and shipping.

marie-noelle Dumaz, french illustrator - Illustrations for children's books, watercolors, landscapes, portraits....

Distinctive Dials - Artistic Timepieces, Unique Creations. Clocks are a fundamental part of everyone's life, but they don't have to be boring, unimaginative, or "everyday". Distinctive Dials brings you unique, hand-crafted clocks designed and crafted by Christopher Cook.

Justin Duance Contemporary Jewelry - Gold & silver jewelry handcrafted by English designer. Each piece unique, stylishly understated with a reassuringly expensive feel. Commissions undertaken from your designs. Celebrating personal adornment as personal sculpture. Make a special gift even more intimate. Pieces designed so they change with time and wear. Wood and resin inlaid rings, bangles, cufflinks and pendants.

Digitalgoo - View the artwork of Beth Woodson: Oil painting, pencil drawing, charcoal, web animation, design, sculpture, etc. Check out the RESCOURCES, news and forums. Post your work to be viewed and recieve comments by visitors.

dutch art - affordable modern dutch paintings by Paul.

Duchalmer - artist Corinne Critchfield - Rebirthing an Ancient Art Form - Oriental Nobility Art Style. Original limited edition nobility art, oriental designs, chinois furniture, feng shui fine art, Chinese calligraphy.

Designhead Studio - Eclectic greeting cards designed by Santa Barbara artist Judith Geiger Donlon. Judith montages photographs, painting and natural textures to create unique note/greeting cards. Each all-occasion card is blank inside and printed on quality deckle-edged paper.

Art by the artist Paul Doeman - Paul is a London-based contemporary artist, the style of his art can be described as modern and urban with a creative conceptual edge. Paul produces sculpture, film, drawings, painting and works in every contemporary art or modern art medium. Working in London, Paul exhibits in various galleries around England, sometimes renting empty spaces to exhibit and show his art works.


Ether Dreams - Unique digital fine art, limited edition prints, Web-art exhibits, and much more.

Elite Contemporary Art - We provide Russian and Armenian artists. Original painting and drawing. More than 500 arworks every day. Friendly for users. B2B

M.C.Escher: Incredible drawings - M.C.Escher, genius of perspective and optical illusions. Here you have his biography, all his drawings and a cool links collection. Posters also available. In English and Spanish.

Elizabeths Kaleidoscopes - Kaleidoscopes made from Re-printed pictures of my own. They come in 4 different sizes.

Bonnie Evans - Mrs. Evans wildlife and animal art captures the life and intensity of primarily - Endangered species. Vibrant realism and exacting detail bring these beautiful works to life. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Mrs. Evans has spent 30 years painting with depth and passion for her subject, Animals.

Electronic Fingerpaints - Paintings created by mouse.  Electronically painted and graphically cool.

Art Exposure - New Zealand's business magazine for the fine arts industry.

Art, Romance : Paintings by Enriquillo - Original still life and beautiful women portraits, by Caribbean artist Enriquillo. Full of color and romance

El Arco Iris - I am an up and coming young artist trying to break into the world of portraiture and fantasy art. My site is dedicated to me and my art. I draw custom portraits or anything you want! visit my web site to comission a drawing or just to view my work. Thanks!

Art of Erato - Erato Tsouvala. Born in Piraeus, Greece has studied painting, history of art and modern art and has practiced in the laboratory of Greek artist Antonis Politakis. Has also exhibited works in Group exhibitions in Greece, and as of late she has started to promote her artwork abroad. Her work is influenced by Byzantine hagiography, and is full of eroticism together with a quality of naked forms.

Estonian Art Gallery - To find some beautiful masterpieces to your art collection or home and office decoration we invite you to our online gallery where you can buy professional textile works, ceramics, leatherwork, glasswork, all made by Estonian artists. If you fell in love with some artist works you can order then masterpieces made especially for you.

Euro Art Gallery Portraits and Oil Painting Reproductions - Euro Art Gallery for Portraits and real Hand Made Oil Painting Reproductions, rembrandt, van gogh, klimt, dali, lempicka, monet, renoir, rockwell, hopper and many others on real linen canvas

Carol Es** - Original folk-pop art paintings by los angeles self-taught artist, Carol Es

The Artwork of Chantell Van Erbe' Unique Hand Painted Glass - Original hand painted art on glass. Hand painted wine glasses, margarita and martini glasses, champagne flutes, more. Gifts for all occasions. Custom orders welcome.

Classical Modern Expressionistic - Richard Lee Barton International Artist Paintings, and Sculpture the Netherlands

ELphotos - Elra K. Norris, Decor and stock photography of trees, lakes, flowers, nature and scenics. Free ecards and one-of-a-kind photo greeting cards featuring the Ohio River Valley and West Virginia.

Edwards Photography Nude and Erotic Art - Edwards Photography specializes in artistic nude photography. Check out our five free galleries, including Boudoir, Erotic, Fashion, Portraits and Glamour Model of the Month. Contemporary, Erotic and Nude Photography Website.

Executive Producer - THE Internet site for Chicago visual and performing arts.

Art of Stewart Lane Ellington - Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas addressing themes of language, identity and the nature of being.

Art of Stewart Lane Ellington - Original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas addressing themes of language, identity and the nature of being.

Andrew Eason: Artists' Books - Personal site devoted to artists' books combining visual art with poetry and researches from scholarly sources. Includes several complete web-versions of books, as well as coverage of other current publications. Also includes art links.

Tom & Susana Evert Dance Theatre/Danza Teatro - World Class Contemporary Dancers, Choreographers, Teachers who integrate Susana's Latin-Mexican roots in their choreographic and educational work. Latest Production: ALMA DE LA TIERRA - Since February 2000, has opened the doors of salesrooms to web users around the world. broadcasts live bidding, enabling web users to experience the thrill of traditional auctions. Participation in sales broadcast on is easy, free and open to everyone. Thanks to exclusive real time bidding technology, web users bid as if they were physically present in the salesroom itself. The guarantees and conditions of sale are those of the auction house. The products put up for auction have been certified and authenticated by auctioneers and experts.

Eds Art Gallery - Original paintings: African watercolors, expressive abstract acrylics, oil-scapes- Paris, Venice, Lighthouses, country scenes, and artistic photography. Ed Immar

Experimental Technology - Anime, manga, original, tradition, contract, video game, RPG, fantasy, realistic, comission, and fan art by amateur artist Khaleoud Marceau

East County Art Association - The East County Art Association is a non-profit art organization located in E. San Diego County. The East County Art Association offers local artists an opportunity to meet for social, educational, and art related functions, and to exhibit their works in both juried and non-juried shows.


Fine Art Nature Photography in Ireland

fragments to wear - some of my paintings are broken down and small fragments are reassembled to make little icons which can be worn as jewellery or kept as travelling pieces

Flynn and Son Sculptors - Father and Son sculpting team carving in marble, alabaster, limestone and wood. Styles include spiritual, abstract, realist, representational, figurative, and aquatic themes.

Hal Fielding, Abstract Painting Non-Objective Art - Abstract paintings non-objective using acrylic on canvas by Fine Art Painter Hal Fielding

The surreal art of artist Christian J. Faur - The dark surreal art of urban artist Christian J. Faur presented to an indeterminant world

Fitzpatrick Design & Illustration - Fitzpatrick Design Services include: icon design, logo design, illustration, book cover layout, print design, web site design, as well as a variety of stock illustration.

Fine Art Shipping - Offers fine art and antique shipping services at Southern Heart Gallery - Featuring Americana Folk Art...come along with us for a trip down "backroads" USA!

Art by Attilio Foresti - Official site of italian painter Attilio Foresti. New art works by this master from Bologna, now living in the U.S.

A r t Gallery by Mostafa Fahmy - A view of MOSTAFA FAHMY's Art... Enter to see My Painting, Pinup, Nude, Classic, Modern, Still life and More, for sale!!....Use the site facilities, for your own benefits.

Fletcher Publishing - Fletcher Publishing is a book seller and publisher. Gives free books to people recovering from brain trauma or stroke. Books range from Roman History to cute illustrated children's books.

Fabien Fryns - Fine Art Gallery, Marbella, Spain - Modern Art gallery Marbella, Spain. Works for viewing and purchase by Robert Silvers, R. Mapplethorpe, Ospina, Neshat, LaChapelle Miquel Barceló, Herbert Beck, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Christo, Pere Colom, Curro Gonzalez, Keith Haring, , Shirin Neshat, Cat de Rham, José Maria Sicilia, Stefan Szczesny and many more. Visit our site

fatima blush

Four Stones Expressions - Beautiful fine art, landscape, and nature photography by some of the web's finest artists. Also features e-cards and personalization to store your favorite Four Stones Expressions pictures for later viewing.

Firespirit Designs - Modern expressionism dealing with the feelings within the soul and spirit.

Feel the Beauty of Art - = Abstract paintings, sculptures,masks, drawings and artphotos by Rom LAMMAR from Luxembourg. Art Marketing techniques for artists.

Forbidden Galaxy - Erratic, irreverent online anthology of unusual, underground, experimental, alternative, independent komix, comics, kartoons, artstories and weird grafik miscellanea from around the world.

Funky Wares - Funky colorful wall mirrors, wall sculpture, and more designed by Corinne Kaye

Alejandro Fuentes, Cuban Artist, Miami, Florida - Award-Winning website featuring contemporary paintings, drawings, prints and photographs by Artist Patrick M. Young. The work falls into categories of Abstract Precision, Pop Art, Modern Art and Contemporary Art in general.

Fakes In Museums

Darla Ferrara - Offical posting site of popular Kissimme FL artist Darla Ferrara. Pieces available for purchase as well as more information about the artist.

Fine Arts - You will find excellent value with reduced prices in all major catagories of posters: Renaissance Art, Abstract Art, Impressionist Art, Expressionism, Vintage Poster Art and more. Just about every possible catagory you could ever imagine!

The Art Of Lisa Falzon - Online gallery of Lisa Falzon - surreal and lowbrow art with a macabre or humourous twist, dark yet uplifiting in colour schemes of red black and white; red green and black; countless shades of blue - anything from faeries to vampires to strange doll-like children.


graphic alibi - abstract arts, digital artwok, photography, graphic and web design, and illustration - Fine Art & Contemporary Art Online Online source for fine craft and art by American craftsmen. Visit our award winning site.

Greenleaf Pottery - Functional Stoneware by John Macomber

Lucio Greco - artista di pittura contemporanea italiana

Joanna Ewa GLAZER

A Gallery of Artists - In House Print is presenting "A Gallery of Artists" for exhibiting varied collections of Contemporary Artwork. This provides an opportunity for International artists to have their work placed on the World Wide Web for your viewing pleasure. - exhibitions, sale and promotion of contemporary art. Opportunities for artists. Other activities: webdesign and hosting

Rob Gordon ART- Contemporary Realism - Paintings by Scottish artist Rob Gordon. Contemporary Realism, airbrush art, acrylics and oils.Landscapes, still-life, portraits and wildlife.

grapheye - grapheye is an art oriented, web and graphic design firm, specialized in web design, banner ads, flash animation, art brochures and catalogues, illustration and more. please feel free to contact us for web and print services.

Galeria Serres-Art - Barcelona (Spain) online Gallery specializes in contemporany and traditional art. Devoted to artist who want to display their work. Promote cultural and social events outside of the gallery and is a collector's item for all art lovers.

Obed Gómez - Artist Obed Gómez expresses himself in a variety of media, including acrylic on canvas, watercolor, and pastel. His work has been exhibited in the USA and Puerto Rico

Glass Artist Peter Greenwood - CT glass artist creates exquisite contemporary hand blown art glass vessels, goblets, wall sculpture, dining room tables, lighting, furniture, chandeliers....

Peter Goode Studio - Peter Goode is an Illustrator currently based in Providence, RI. He gets his inspiration from many sources including but not limited to tattoos, wrestling and time travel.

contemporary glass - Sculpture and functional contemporary glass and installation work.

Galeria Arte y Artesania - Exposición venta obras artistas peruanos. Fina artesania

Graw-Kunstdrucke - highly detailed, colorstrong Oil pictures with salient brush guidance,partially also as art print available. Beside Oil pictures belong to its assortment also Collagen, Pasteloel and Linoloeldrucke. In all work Graws style and its brush guidance are to be detected clearly.

Gordon Drysdale's Automotive and Nostalgia Art - Limited edition prints and original paintings of antique vehicles in nostalgic settings, including marine, aviation, and wildlife art.

Adrian Gottlieb, Painter & Portraitist in the Naturalist Tradition - Information About Adrian Gottlieb, gallery of example works and paintings for sale. Information about traditional painting & drawing methods and materials preparation, links to studio schools dedicated to training realist painters, online forums and purveyors of proprietary painting mediums.

JGGallery - The Art of Garza - With you I share my imaginations wrought from something as simple as a pencil and there onto paper for your eyes, art lover...whether you find the dreams of my mind beautiful or ugly. I'm still working on it but here you'll find my sketches, a dabbling of paintings, and graphics.

Contemporary paintings by KALOUST GUEDEL

Artworks by Joseph D. Greenwood - Gallery of wildlife, fantasy, and surreal sci-fi paintings, drawings, and digital artwork. "Limitation is death, imagination is infinite. Live in the infinite...and forever dream of things other."

GalleryD - Australian arts and crafts - fine art, glass, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery - GalleryD Art Gallery, Montville, Queensland, Australia. - Fine art print and poster store featuring unique high quality art at low wholesale prices. Seattle, wildlfe, nautical, sealife... Leone Smith


Ian Grieve Gallery, Noosa - Australian art by Ian Grieve - paintings, portraits, sculpture and ceramics at his gallery -Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia.

Gypsy Images - Gypsy Images artist Gayle Taylor has been producing art for the past 16 years. The works of Randy Fehr, Glenn Loates and Robert Bateman has influenced her detailed style and vivid colors. As well, David Mann and Jack Knight have had a substantial impact on her biker art. Using a wide range of canvasses (such as paper, wood, metal, rock, glass, leather and moose antlers), Gayle has a wide variety to choose from when it comes to customizing your art.


Link to The HTML Writers Guild

M. Hammond Portfolio - The online portfolio of Oklahoma artist, Michelle Hammond. Ethereal landscapes inspired by the artists dreams and visions.

Hobart Galleries - Hobart Galleries in the Sky

Humorous Paintings - Humorous gouache paintings of contemporary society. George Somerville

Tracy Hall - Highly detailed botanical studies and flower paintings in watercolour by Orkney based artist

Holly's Web Art - HollysWebArt...Artists and their art

R G Hayes Originals - Richard Hayes

Henk Martin Hollebeek - Dutch Fine Art Gallery of personal nudes and nudity (girls, women, men), fantasy, portraits, landscapes, animals, still lifes, and abstracts. Paintings, drawings, watercolors, pastels, etchings, and photographs. Contact for acquisitions information.

Peter Häger - a swedish painter who concentrates on realistic acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings.

The Jim Hudek Gallery

Felix Holzer Foto-Designer Munich Germany - Official Homepage of the Fine Art Photographer. Regular Updates with new works. In the Online-Shop you can find original Fine Art Prints and Booklets.

SurReal Hollywood - Digitally manipulated Los Angeles urban landscape photography. Hollywood seen from inside traffic. Melissa Gofton

Contemporary Art - Sandra Hoesch - Young, colourfull, expressionism paintings in acrylic an canvas or oilsticks on paper also drawings. Nudes, portraits and more from a 26 years old german artist.

Mark van den Hoven - Visual Art - Official site of Mark van den Hoven. Photographer, painter, designer....oh well, he's Dutch. Go take a look.

Israeli Art - Hirsh Gallery

Home Biz Affliates - Quit your job and work from home.

Olivera Huibner-Stojanovic's Art and Design Page - A web presentation by Olivera Huibner-Stojanovic, a young and aspiring artist, with an on-line exhibition of recent artworks and designs.

Tara Hutton Gallery - Art Deco Paintings by San Francisco Bay Area Artist - Tara Hutton. A portfolio of the artist's original artwork. Art inspired by the great painters of the 1920's and 1930's.

HipShot Wood Carvings - HipShot Wood Carvings: Kentucky native wood carver Brian S. Sims has been carving wooden sculptures for 12 years. He uses a variety of wood indigenous to Kentucky including ash, cedar, locust, oak and walnut. One of his specialties is the mastery of capturing the look and feel of Native American chiefs and warriors . The attention to detail in these pieces is obvious at first glance. His Red Tail Hawk, carved from a solid cedar log draws praise and admiration from all viewers.


Infinitee Designs by Ralph Manis - 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, rock, T-shirts, futuristic, and psychedelic art, Bryce 4, Photoshop 5.5 by Ralph Hawke Manis

Irish Art and Crafts - Fine Irish art prints, watercolours and oil paintings by local Irish artists as well as a wide selection of Belleek, Irish crystal and Irish linens.

Intimate Groove - A collaboration of fine artists in Chicago. We offer an alternative means of self promotion and art sales.

All the Italian Art - Directory of italian painters: art history, contemporary painting, museums, exhibition, art cities, top 100 and award for art web sites

Iron Artist Victor M. Ramirez - Iron artist Victor M. Ramirez expresses himself through his handheld flame torch while he creates his unique artistic designs. Victor has worked as a certified metal craftsman for over 7 years, his passion for art and his constant search for beauty inspires his work.

I.Joseph master painter - variety of subject matter figurative,equine,venice scenes,still life, religious inspirational and spiritual paintings using oils and water colors as his mediums in a realistic and impressionistic style.

i n f i n i t e s p e e d - art by Edward Traub - Intriguing ink & watercolor landscapes, vibrant oils, and subtle watercolor portraits by Edward Traub...exploring the rate of infinite speed.

Ink and Paper - Journal/spiralbound notepad musings of some years that are transcribed to the web in a personal webpage format

Ireland-The Bogside Artists - Here find the art gallery of the bogside artists of Ireland ,famous for their murals. Art,book,posters,history, politics in Ireland - Dublin to Belfast.

INLOW-ART - INLOW-ART is the web site of L.A. area artist Kenneth Inlow.His art can best be desribed as surrealistic-cubism. Take a look at his "Uknown Allegories".

Inspirational Motivational Art Posters - Inspirational, Motivational Posters! Fine art, patriotic, sport, animal, nature, and military themes.


Jeffery Jones - Incredible Images and Works, The Art of Realism

I.Joseph master painter

The official Paul Jaisini site

Javacaf.Com - Art Mueums - Javacafe.Com is the best source for Art Museums, Art Exhibits and Art Galleries.

JR's Online Gallery - A personal online gallery. Digital image editing, 3D creations, Extreme3D2, AdobePhotodeluxe. Special emphasis on colour.Montages with inspirations from modern science to Yeats poetry. Artist influneces include Rauschenburg and Radiohead.

Jahve - Handmade russian-orthodox icons with contemporary touch.

Juniper Twists - very unusual line of twisty, multi-colored juniper furniture for home decor

AmiRam Jablonovsky Photography - Collection of conceptual, fashion and fine art abstract photography images

Lamia Jamal - semi abstract fugurative sculptures-cast on bronze. Her sculptures reflect the human relationships ,motherhood ,social and political problems.

Joke's Art Gallery - Showing some home-made paintings inspired by travelling, nature and art.

JinxART Fine Art by Gladys Hernando - modern, expressionist art. up and coming female artist Gladys K. Hernando. Oil and acrylic paintings, all sizes, for sale.

Judy's Original Artwork - Original Oil paintings of animal art; wildlife, dogs, cats, horses, farm animals. Paintings done of cougar, bear, deer, elk, raccoons in the wildlife section. Portraits of dogs and cats. Landscape paintings of country scenes and farm yard friends such as cows, pigs, donkeys.

Contemporary abstract paintings by Eva Ryn Johannissen - Abstract paintings in the expressionist tradition. Contemporary oil, acrylic and mixed media art exploring the inner life.

Johan Jonsson - Contemporary sculpture representing humans. Both abstract and figurative surrealistic art. Swedish sculptor who works in various metals (wire, iron, steel sculptures) and mixed media. Modern surrealism.


I.A.Keer - - The Art of Furniture** - limited edition furnishings: Fantasy is at the core of this award winning studio-art furniture collection. Discover fresh spirited design, handcrafted in creative styles and themes to excite your imagination.

Marilyn Kirsch, Painting and Work on Paper** - Contemporary artist whose abstract imagery has been influenced by architecture and photography; includes oil paintings, drawings, collages and other works on paper.

Art-site marjolein kruijt - On celtic music inspired oil paintings, using the (english) nature as a subject. Also wallpaintings, lithograps, photography and drawings

Kisinis Web Art, le site des Arts et des Artistes - The site of Arts and the Artists, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture, art squat, art magazine, specialized links, forum discussion and exhibitions, free email and chat.

Michael Kuznetsov - Surreal and fantasy paintings of Michael Kuznetsov.

kyiotei's den - Online gallery since 1994. Collaborations, mailart, poetry, graphics, links, galleries, and more

Stephen Kasner

Art of Charles Kaufman - A growing collection of colorful, graphic paintings by the inside outsider (or is it outside insider) artist, Charles Kaufman.

Watercolors by Killman - I paint watercolors for my sanity. After working 750 feet underground in a coal mine for 6 years the mine closed. I have since been employed at a maximum security penitentiary the past 17 years. I've seen the dark side of nature and humans. Painting the beauty around me keeps the dark side from closing in. I've won numerous awards and have paintings hanging in public and private collections. Taught workshops and help start an artist guild.My style is representational and only the finest paints, papers and framing is used. Commissions available. Kris Killman

Peter Klint - Erotic Art, Portraits & more by young German artist Peter Klint. About 120 paintings in various thumbnail galleries. Enjoy art & buy some...

Bryan Knox: Abstract watercolor, art prints - Bryan Knox's art is abstract representations of human condtion. Could be self-crucifixion or response.

ed van der kooy - Many of his paintings are life size portraits of Asian women wearing traditional dress. The rich, intricate designs and colours of the fabrics illustrate and complement his talent as a portrait artist. The exuberance, detail and sheer grandeur of his paintings are the result of many months of work.

Karens Kottage - Original framed oil paintings in vibrant colors to match any decor. Karen Challender


L'Noj Yesdnil** - To Say this is different, is an understatement!!!

James Langston - Designed Illusions

LilyWing - Online gallery made up of mostly 3d digital work. Offering desktop wallpapers for download and e-postcards.

Simon Levenson Studios - Oil paintings by New York artist. Prints available for purchase. Originals represented by Wally Findlay Gallery, New York, Palm Beach, Chicago, East Hampton.

ApS - European, contemporary art. Always more than 400 original paintings, graphics and sculptures on exhibition and for sale. - A site for all aspects of Art, Add you art and get listed in the index and linked, includes paintings, drawings and music. Your artform not there I can add it

LLVKART.COM - Russian Paintings FOR SALE - Visiting our site would give you great oppotunity aknowledge yourself with Russian Paintings selected by world leading experts of Russian Art Laura Lenee and Vladimir Kaplunov. We are representing most outstanding art school of Russia.

Paintings by Martyn Lacey** - Just a few visual statements on the human condition and a few artists who bucked the preordained system.

Liptak Art - Wood Carvings - Fantasy Art Wood Carvings

Ljubljana Art Group - This page presents a collection of graphics (e-book)

Art by Carol Lee - Oil portraiture created from photographs, realistic quality. Also fine art by Carol Lee. - Worldwide Arts Association site featuring free art site albums for artists and galleries, forums, and an arts search enabled database. Easy on-line art portfolio generation and custom controls in a secure environment.

LALADADA - new emerging artist group, new media concpets, new digital arts, already after May 30th 2001 site launch, reviewers have labeled this new media arts site: "Cuttig edge", "Impressive" (Central placed this site of the month, with front page exposure) , numerous inviations for Arts Biennales world wide, all in first month online.Wow!!!! Visit, drop us a note, get the word out...LaLa...Dada.

Funny Fine Art & Beautiful Rubenesque Nudes by Jaynee Levy-Polis - Humorous contemporary fine art and beautiful Rubenesque nudes in Matisse-like slice-of-life scenes. Jaynee's lovely women enjoy their sexuality while living their lives. Provocative, erotic, and real.

leoartgallery - gallery of paintings with selling, Leonard Istrate

Lines Of Body. Graphic Art of Korkin - This is site of fine graphic art by russian artist Sergei Korkin. Presentation more 70 original graphic works - erotic, woman, faces etc. Sergei Korkin

La Page de Lalou - French painter Go visit my garden full of colors and sensuality

! Librexpo, art contemporary gallery - Artists, painters, photographers, sculptors present their works. Registration of Artists on this site and on-line sale of paintings, drawings, sculptures and art objects.

the lazarus corporation - the lazarus corporation is an online ber-gallery of assemblage, digital art, painting, drawing and mixed media artwork.


Metrov - Artist - M2000** - Cutting Edge Fine Art Paintings and Giclee Prints

Digital Artist Stuart Marshall - :Digital artistry heavily influenced by fantasy imagery and stories (I am a great Tolkien fan) making great use of light,water and the notion of escapism.

message in a bottle & design - "capture someone's heart with words" by sending a message in a hand designed bottle to anyone in the USA. Original creation by the whistlestop art gallery - A collection of strange and inspiring works. Prints, paintings, drawings, design, photos in a nice looking page. Wacky, surreal cartoonish stuff. stop in.

Sharon Mark - Naive Country Landscapes

Marquis de Panasewicz Galleries d'Enfer** - Welcome to the Marquis' world of fantastic dreams and let your most hidden desires free: fantasy art, fine erotica, oil paintings, angel art, native art, classic stars portraits, technical art, business art. Customs commissions for your private collection or corporate needs accepted.

Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation

Outsider Artist L.Majors - Outsider artist and primitive expressionist L.Majors

Malice Featuring Various Artwork - by James Allen

Artist Cornelis Monsma - Visual Contemporary Christian Art

My Art Online - Karen Flores: Your full service art marketplace and resource center.

Manvel Martirosyan's Woodcarving and Fine Art - Art galleries of original woodcarving designs, fine, abstract and surrealistic paintings and illustrations

Timothy McCOnnachie** - Australian Contemporary Cubism, 20 yr old Australian artist, Timothy McCOnnachie - www.timothymc

Marquis de Panasewicz's Galleries d'Enfer - The Marquis, a master in all art/graphics doamins invites you to free your most hidden desires by visiting his various art galleries, to stir souls, minds and imaginations: fine art, erotica, fantasy art, native art, commerical art, technical art, custom art. Welcome to the Marquis' ART world.

The Surrealist and Visionary Works of David Maverick - A gallery of thought provoking and inspirational visionary paintings to make the mind work.

Murals Publications from RJD Enterprises - Celebration of community based mural movement. Changing Mural of the Month feature. Publications about mural art, including spraycan work, in Los Angeles, California and around the U.S.

Manor House Gallery - Contemporary British Painting An Oxfordshire UK gallery showing work by contemporary British artists - mainly members of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour

Milenski ART - Fine Art - Surrealism, Oil painting Murals - Trompe L' oeil, Faux finishes, Decorative painting, Nightclub Design and Interior Landscaping

METAPHYSICAL PAINTINGS by Julio Mateo - Abstract painting, printmaking and drawing galleries based on Sacred Geometry, nature and art's spiritual relationship to cosmic creation. Artist's interview on art and metaphysics, Guest Artists galleries, Art and Poetry pages, Arts Humanities and Spirituality categorized links directory

Zilioli D. Massimo - Paintings and sculpture of contemporary art. Mixed media and acrylics are preferred by this italian artist

Manfred Peter Mueller & Erato Tsouvala Collaboration - Collaboration of Austrian painter Manfred Peter Mueller and greek artist Erato Tsouvala. Paintings, drawings, digital art, art prints, website design.

Dennis McGeary - Painterly Storm Stories and Island Inspirations. When I paint in my visionary abstract style, I try not to preconceive what the final image will be- I just start working. Painting, structure and balance are my primary concerns. Many changes occur and the painting develops progressively. I apply layers of brushstrokes that create movement. Symbolic themes contained in this series are: Creation {earth and heaven}, Atmosphere{ethereal clouds, wind, storms} and Angles(modern man's geometric world.}

Mandarin Design** - Web site design and development. Webmaster help.

More Art - Mixed-media artist working in collage, digital art. maks, dolls, jewelry, drawing, painting. Abstract portraits, Donna Kuhn

Derek McCrea - Watercolor paintings, limited edition prints, landscapes, lighthouses, florals, barns, pen and ink drawings

Misti's Fantasy & Fine Art Gallery - Misti Turner, Fantasy and fine artwork

The Magic of Art - Art auctions and galleries for art prints, old maps, Japanese art, Japanese prints, orthodox icons and contemporary artists

Derek McCrea - Art in Watercolor. LandscapBuy and view original abstract paintings from an established Minneapolis artist exploring areas of Neo Expressionism.e, lighthouse, flower and barn watercolor paintings, pen and ink drawings and framed oil paintings.

Manymuses Studio - Artist Linda Plaisted utilizes technology to transform her fine art photography and paintings into works of complex beauty.

Art by Richard Moore - A wonderful array of sculpture, carvings, paintings and illustrations by talented New Zealand artist Richard Moore.

Mustafio - From the Grand Mal of dada.....

Art Mackiewicz - Piotra Mackiewicza artistic multi-talented, creator new trend in art. - NEOSURREALIZM. Gallery to include works copyright- paintings , sculpture. Featuring original oils and bronze sculpture and other materials, sculptor, public art specialist, educator, links, Neosurrealism

Randolph McIver - Figurative Painter, Draftsman, Sculptor. Online fine art portfolio spanning the artist's transition from the esthetics of modernism to a new, figurative direction in painting rooted in influences of the arts of ancient Greece and the Italian Renaissance.

Scott McNeill Art - Scott McNeill combines award winning bas-relief sculpture with superimposed painting. The result is a new art form that transcends single pointed perception. The sculptures are complex, and range between realistic and the surreal. Acrylic paint is applied directly on the sculpture and forms its own imagery. Together these two mediums form an artwork bigger and deeper than the sum of its parts.

Shawn McNulty Abstract Paintings - Buy and view original abstract paintings from an established Minneapolis artist exploring areas of Neo Expressionism.

Bronze Sculpture of Kirk McGuire - This Bronze Sculptor's online Web Gallery is amazing! Come see the Wildlife and Marine-life Sculptures of International Sculptor Kirk McGuire.

Southern Outsider Artist Kelly Moore - "My desire is to speak without the guise of technical mastery," he asserts. "The result is blunt, sometimes primitive but always from my heart."

Mike's Studio - A collection of paintings from contemporary abstract artist Mike Kious.

Mikyo New Media - A Mikyo New Media Publication A Celebration of Beauty through Art Meditations on Transcendental Beauty Digital paintings by Mikyo: Art on the cutting edge. Mike Butler - Online Showcase and Resource for Artists in Melbourne, Australia. Membership is FREE. John Knowles

Bronze Sculptures of Kirk McGuire - Amazing Bronze Sculptures of Kirk McGuire. A must see! - is a digital museum focusing on masks, maskmakers, an masquerade. Conrad Schuler

Morrison Maze Prints - Morrison Maze? prints; a solvable modern art. The art is mostly influence by contemporary artist Escher, Dali, and Picasso. I sign and number the first few hundred prints of a series. Due to the immense detail of these mazes I can only release one to two per year. The steady distancing of the lines and the consistency of the patterns all add value to the fact that this is art first and a solvable puzzle last.

Igor Mojzes - Painter; portfolio of original oil paintings, biography.

Museum of Civil Form - Museum of Civil Form It isn't high art. It isn't low art. It's just art!

MOROCCAN INTERIORS - manufacturer of exotic,modern and traditional moroccan furniture since 1960

Chris Morgan Artworks - A Collection of Portraits of Stars and Celebrities by International Portrait Artist Chris Morgan from Bournemouth.

Figurative Art by Annelie McKenzie - Figurative drawings and paintings, done in oil, acrylic, ink, and pastels. Artist Annelie McKenzie, contemporary artist living in Los Angeles.

Mariano Petit de Murat - Mariano Petit de Murat, Fine Art Digital Painting with a surrealist exotic touch...



Nicoletta - Acrylics and Watercolour by Nicoletta Figurative painting about love and passion

new images

Art of Max Magnus Norman and the Art Link Swap - These are two links, is the place where my art can be seen. My art is mainly sculpted or painted visions of strange dimensions and the Other Side; people, angels, demons and their surroundings.

charles newland - award winning artist charles newland paintings and images showing a fusion of realism, magic realism and surrealism in acrylic, casein, oil and digital images.

Northwind Pottery - Functional and decorative pottery. Hand thrown raku pottery. Porcelain dinnerware pottery,ergonomic mugs, bowls, plates, dip and pate' servers, and more!

nART - Nathalie Dubreucq Carlier, artist painter and sculptor - This self-educated artist explains you her course and invite you to discover her last works : oils, watercolorses, pastels, drawings, sculptures and modeling.
Cette artiste autodidacte vous explique son parcours et vous invite a decouvrir ses oeuvres : huiles, aquarelles, sculptures, pastels et dessins.

The New York FEW - Figurative ART

Art & Style in New Orleans - Original Art and Handmade Jewelry Design by New Orleans native, Sheri' Mora. Been around the world, but there's no place like home! View the web gallery and voice your opinion. Web Design available along with Business Marketing & Promotion materials. Requests for commissioned art always welcome! ~Namaste~

SuperHybrid:JDX > The Poetry of J. D. Nelson - Explore the strange worlds of Colorado poet and recording artist J. D. Nelson. Unique writing, resources, links & more.

neo: Art Gallery Photography - Art Gallery Photography about various topics: portrait, nude, nature, strange, collage, music, mouvement, carnival,cabaret... etc berthier philippe


Noborias - Leo Negron dubbed "El Coquero" is a Puerto Rican artist from Chicago. His canvass is currently the coconut. His work is inspired by his Puerto Rican culture and ancestry. For more information please visit


joel ochs gallery - Fine realist oil paintings : Landscapes, seascapes, still lifes & copies.

OP Art Plus - Apprentice to the father of colored OP Art presents a 4th after-image system and an automatice 3d painting technique. Recurrent art form bespeaks of the low relief art forms located on ancient temples in the americas with a taste of the colors used and the accessing of the human brain to perceptual levels not encountered by eastern or western civilizations.

Out of Our Minds Art Gallery - This is a personal art gallery for Candace Taylor Lange, an abstract artist from Idaho - looking for artists to display and sell their artwork on the Internet through its e-commerce storefront, featuring beautiful and unique gifts for sale online.

Konst I Ovansiljan - The area around the picturesque Lake Siljan Area has inspired artists for ages. And there are many artists who moved to the area and created pieces that made history. But what about the artists in thae area who live and work in the area today.

Onynx Designs - Artwork - is a personal artwork website with works created by Jane Woodall. Prints of her works are available to buy here. Andrew Wood

H. Avni Oztopcu - "I have been dealing with the problems of puttin the abstract world which has been established in minds into an objective shape with the power which a human being holds in materializing things" H. Avni Oztopcu

art exhibition from Muammer ONER - H62 Art Gallery Muammer ONER (istanbul - TURKiYE)

outSiter, meet Creative People - outSiter offers a free place to present Art on the Net. The Galleries present Creative People that use Photography, Painting, Drawing, Digital Art and Design, Poetry, Short Stories and Philosophical Thoughts to express themselves. All materials are reviewed by outSiter before publishing.

Off The wall Paintings - Whimsical paintings and illustrations by a self taught "outsider" artist

ponmpomnpoo - mucis, flash, contemporary experimental something...

Richard Olson Artworks - Current expressionsit works by Richard Olson including oil pastels, acrylic paintings, and giclee prints.

Overbrook Fountains - The Largest Selection of Truly One-of-a-Kind Tabletop Mineral and Stone Fountains on the Internet. Photo and movie gallery

The Ocean Series - (Carson Collins) These mystical, metaphoric, minimalist seascapes have been described as "a synthesis of Rothko, Monet, and a Buddhist mandala." Intensely color-oriented, intriguing and relaxing; nine different POSTERS can be purchased on line for $20 US.

Oil EXPO - Oleg Lyt original paintings for sale


The Artwork Of T Partington - Surreal art from UK artist Trevor Partington, site contains paintings, free digital art and screen savers.

the Picasso ebook 2001 - the Picasso ebook 2001 celebrates Picasso's 120th birthday in 2001 with images and text works from around the world

Paper to Pixels - Marc Snyder and Marti Haykin presents works on paper. It is also the home of the Fiji Island Mermaid Press, creator of small non-precious books and such

Polonium Art - Modern Art Gallery: Peintures, Graphics, Drawings and guest author exposition

Painted Rock Formations - Nature's Sculpture, my Painting. Mother nature and I have created a synchronized work of art...Sculptural Paintings. The natural formation of the stone inspired the painting you see. No files, chisels, putty or even primers are ever used. All pieces are titled and a "one of a kind" Ginia A.D.

PixiPort - Fine art photography by award winning photographers, with forums, international art news, PixiPort EZine, featured guests, poetry, photography and printing tips by professionals. Discussion boards and language translator.

Perceptions - Original Digital Art by Darren J. Smalley

Paris Knights Photography - Fine art and street photography by Canadian artist Mike Williams. Also includes great links and quotes.

Paintings of the Third Millennium - A Dimensional Door to the Spiritual World

Poetic Reflections - Artist/poet, Deborah Russell takes you inside her world of art. Poetic Reflections offers a poetry board for published poets/writers, and a banter/banner exchange page. This site exibits her original poetry, photography and art work.

picklebird - picklebird features outsider art, lowbrow and contemporary folk art. our on-line zine includes interesting articles and spotlights local artists of art brut, visionary work and the modern pop art style

The Pissed Poet Pages - Original photography, painting and poetry by an artist living and working in the most isolated capital city in the world.

Digital Prism - Contemporary one-of-a-kind & limited edition artifacts & gifts. Elegant polymer clay millefiori ornaments, eggs, shoes. Whimsical recycled light bulbs & wire sculpture hands with found object embellishment. Peggy Kaufman

Portal Manualidades y Bellas Artes - Todo para el artesano y el artista.Tienda virtual, técnicas decorativas, materiales, revistas, foro, chat y galería de arte

Vicente Pascual - Vicente Pascual combines a contemporary sensibility and training with an interest in pre-modern aesthetics.

ponmpomnpoo - flash animation, musik : experimental, minimal, hip hop, drum 'n' bass, images, contemporary art, fine art .......

Hans Parlevliet - realistic oilpaintings, landscape, still-life, classical oilpainting in dutch tradition

Painting Holiday - Painting Holiday Directory is a source for artist that are looking for a workshop during their holiday. Art courses, Tutors from around the world - on and offline. Anne Hedley

Patrou - Large contemporary prints produced one at a time

Peter Ploder Watercolors - Wonderful watercolors of argentinian and europena landscapes and more. Amazing colors for the watercolor. You have to visit!!!!! leandro

Ukrainian artist Olena Pryduvalova - Virtual gallery of works of the artist

popartplastic - POPARTPLASTIC recreates the pop art style of 1960's and 70's with plastic wall panels which with their bright colours and geometric shapes capture... Contemporary Skateboarding and Graffiti Murals now available.

Pet Portraits From Photos - Specializing in pet portraits from photos. Painting all the animals we love! Karen Parsons

Passion 4 Unique Art - Passion 4 Unique Art is a small group of up to 20 artists that all sell on eBay. As a group we all come together to support, inspire, and help one another in the field of art. We are all very diverse in our styles as well as in our personalities. We all come from different backgrounds and lifestyles. P4UA was formed in 2003. We wanted to create an atmosphere that was fun and a great place to hang out. A place where every member feels welcome and becomes part of the P4UA family.

puravision - Javier Granados a Chicano digital artist and Paulina Granados a Chilean-American painter living in Los Angeles inspired by the island of Bali. Creating colorful intricate symbolic digital prints and vibrant paintings with Buddhas, Balinese temples, ceremonies, stone sculpture and people of Bali

Art - Sculpture - Vladimir Panteleev - Web site containing galleries of images of my work. Unique burl wood sculpture, bronze and marble.

Paul Pitsker, contemporary artist - Contemporary paintings and drawings which explore the dissonance between subjective experience and objective reality.



Stefanie Rocknak Detailed figurative wood sculptures - Figurative Wood Sculpture influenced by the Medieval tradition. Some religious pieces, commissions on request.

Roslin Art Gallery - Art exhibits from a variety of Amenian Artists

Scott Radke

Craig Robertson Online Gallery

rent and purchase of art - a new organization specializing in contemporary painting, ethnic art, photography, ethnic art.  Based in the Netherlands

Donald R Ricker - Alaska artist wins 1999 Florence Biennale award in paintingAlaska art gallery exhibits fantasy erotic nude paintings and native American adult comics. Famous international contemporary artist Donald R Ricker. Creative design artist web site page designer speaker. Art history paintings venus pluto pablo picasso vincent van gogh musashi aborigine buffalo sculpture. Vrml home school artificial intelligence avatars website design art auctions art books art videos art movies art criticism. Florence Italy Biennale Whitney Venice Biennial Japan Australia Toronto Scotland

Craig Robertson Online Gallery - A selection of Contemporary Paintings, Drawings, Digital Art and Photography from this visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Andy Roberts Welsh Artist - Paintings and Drawings by the Welsh Artist Andy Roberts

Rigoni Arts - Original fine art such as abstract paintings, acrylic landscapes, and intricate inlaid wood furniture.

EVERT A. ROBLES art gallery - Amsterdam based artist Evert A. Robles challanges you to look deeper,beneath the surface:into the soul.

ROCKSTACKER - Featuring the natural stone sculpture of California artist Jim Needham, is a modern celebration of an ancient and traditional form of expression.

Abstract / Religion Art

Pirjo Raila - Watercolours and soft pastels by finnish architect and artist Pirjo Raila. Seascapes, landscapes, waves, rocks and architectural and marine details

repro-art - oil painting reproductions of famous artworks. yvonne wolthuis-olf

Nadia Russ Art - Original paintings, acrylic on canvas and paper. Limited edition prints available.

Evert A. Robles - Amsterdam based artist Evert A. Robles challenges you to look deeper, beneath the surface, into the Soul.

Renaissance Gallery - Browse our selection of Original Paintings - Landscape, Floral, Seascape, Still Life and Museum Quality Reproduction Oil Paintings of the Impressionism - van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, plus Neo-Classical, Pre-Raphaelite, Romanticism, & Orientalist periods - Alma-Tadema, Bouguereau, Bierstadt, Cot, David, Drummond, Godward, Leighton, Moran, Turner, & Waterhouse and others. Each reproduction is hand painted by a skilled master artist in the style of the original master. Rodger Underwood

Realm of the Rising Moon - Personal, colorful and commercial website of Hakon Soreide, artist, photographer and poet, featuring near 600 works of art in media ranging from traditional oil paints to charcoal, pencil, acrylic inks, Indian ink, carrés Conté, oil pastels, and digital, as well as a growing selection of poems and photos.

Rhizome Art Gallery - Unique hand carving Bamboo's rhizome art from Bali, Indonesia

Alan Rutherford - Art, Philosophy, Poetry and writings by artist Alan Rutherford, whose inspirations are both physical and social nature, are contained on this constantly updated site. Thought provoking opinions are always welcome! A communication of ideas and perspectives enable a constantly evolving process of creativity.

Simon Roberts Art Site - Virtual gallery,whose sections include:-aviation,surrealism,romantic landscape and a digital imagery page

Bertrand Raguet - Abstract art: photography, paintings, digital paintings. Abstraction and photography

Nando Rivero - Photography & digital art

Christopher Roberts Art - Official website of Salem, IL watercolor artist Christopher Roberts.


Arlette Steenmans - exhibition Presentation of over 100 paintings by Arlette Steenmans(Puimichel, France) with biography of the artist and introductionof her watercolor painting courses at her art centre.

JAN SCHREURS - 0nline dutch artist Jan Schreurslook at giant abstract woodblockprints of the dutch artist Jan Schreurs, see him at work in his studio and find more artlinks here!

Art that Shouts - Post-modern and not post-modern; explorations into the state of human nature.

Georges Starckmann - Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Writer - Drawings, sculptures, poetries and Literature.

Santa Fe Natural Art - Got wall art? Introducing handmade dried flower artwork from the Southwest. We offer zinnia, rose and pansy wreaths, also rose cholla cactus crosses.

Southwest Watercolors** - by Georgine Morelli Southwest images or original watercolors and matted prints of ladies, pottery, chile peppers, kopelli, petroglyphs, flora and fauna...

Mike Stallard - curiously strong art group uk

The Sniveling Goat: No reason to cry - alternative underground views on mainstream art and technology. no one will be let off easy

Surrealomania - Surrealomania - Surrealist art gallery covering many styles with regulary updated artists

SWILLY - Painting and other stuff done by me. The most recent addition or painting to the site is located here: I am currently working on the site so it is still really messy.

Tanino Sedda - TANINO SEDDA, was born in Nuoro in the 1937. He had expositions in Cagliari, Porto Rotondo, Milan, Paris, Biarritz, Palm Beach, Perth,Vicenza, Abano Terme, Cesena. His works can be found in many public and private collections in Italy and abroad. He lives and works in Venice.

suat özyönüm - art,sculpture,paint,medallion

Cesar Santander - My site contains a gallery of my photorealistic paintings of toys as well as information about me,how to set up a commissioned painting, my workshops, prints and more.

Scandinavien modern and antique art - Scandinavien and other artist both modern and antique. Shipmodels and maritime. Large collection of antique frames. Antique department.

Martina Shapiro - Contemporary Figurative Oil Paintings. Vivid, expressionistic oils by Canadian artist Martina Shapiro. Opinions about art and spirituality and more.

Surreal art by artist Duane R. Cole - Surreal art by artist Duane R. Cole Disturbing images similiar to Salvador Dali, Bosch, Frazetta and Giger.

Suthern Accents Folk Art - Jessie Lavons art depicts dissappearing scenes from the south that she knew and grew up as a child. Her paintings capture the life of the old deep south from the early 1900's to the late 1970's. Her art shows how the spirit can capture the world of days gone by with her exceptional gift to create from anything and everything. Take a step back into time and relax and enjoy suthernality at its best and re live times gone by

SWCreations Fine Handcrafted Jewelry - Innovative Beaded Jewelry Designs for the Creative at Heart...also visit our Links Mall, Guest Artist Gallery, and Webrings!

Loxi Sibley - I paint mainly in oils and use a lot of underpainting. I really don't try to make any statements with my art but I try for emotion. I have always painted in this style and can't seem to change it, so this is what I do.

Michaeline Stroud Studios - Breathtaking wildlife art,pet portraits, and murals. Originals and prints for sale.

Stones River Art Foundry - The SRAF specializes in original bronze artwork and also provides foundry service for artists desiring to have their wax molds turned into bronze.

SI-LA-GI Contemporary and mixed media artist - Gallery-site dedicated to a Hungarian-Swedish artist who works with concept and philosophy-based art.

Pansa Sunavee, Thai artist - Pansa Sunavee ,Thai artist, Created modern art and abstract expressionism in drawings and paintings, from acrylic, color pencil, pencil, gold leaves, ink, mixed media, watercolor , water media. Have art exhibition in museum , gallery , art center many times.

Galeria Serres Art - Barcelona (Spain) art consultant specializes in contemporany and traditional art.

Elise Savage Fine Artist - Fine Art Gallery displaying works of art and Limited Edition Prints by an exceptional artist

Southwest PetroArt - Original Petroglyph Reproductions For Your Home - One-of-a-kind petroglyph reproductions, that are true to the original rock art created by the Anasazi (Hisatsinom), Fremont, Mogollon, their ancestors and neighbors throughout the Southwestern United States (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado, southern Nevada and the desert regions of California) and others scattered around the west. The rock art images depicted for sale on this site are created one-at-a-time, carved into the rock by hand, using pictures of the actual petroglyphs as a guide. Every effort is made to reproduce the images as historically accurate as they were intentionally carved on the rock by the ancestral artist

sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO - sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO is an Electronic Media Artist who's work explores the nature of the medium and pushes the creative envelope of experimentation. siys's artistic techniques include spontaneous and intuitive employment of unconventional and nonstandard methodology.

Shifters Clocks - Nick Shiflet, Metal art clocks with flowing flowering organic designs.

Street Morris Art - Original paintings, drawings and matted posters of vibrantly colored natural subject matter by Michigan based artist, Robin Street-Morris...

Philip Solden's Paintings - An Abstract art site, selling the paintings of Philip Solden.

Realm of Saeeka - Contains conventional and digital photography galleries as well as 3D and 2D images, and Links to varaious other sites containing artwork.


Denis St-Pierre - Self-educated sculptor of the area Coast-North in Quebec. Present woodcarvings, horn of deer tribe, metal and stone. Private park of giant sculptures to Longue-Rive. Free access of at the beginning of May to at the end of October.

Digital Salon - Virtual art gallery exhibiting the work of visual artists working with digital tools to create works of art.

John Scholtes - Big Art Blowout - The online gallery of Chicago Outsider Artist, John Scholtes. Many works available for online purchase.

Samaris Art & Design - A personal art gallery, always growing. A project to chronicle all the artistic experiences of my life. From fine art to fanart, various mediums both traditional and computer-aided. There's always room for experimentation and learning something new.

John Strother - Art of Your Mind - Original Abstract Paintings This site features the contemporary artwork of southern US artist Nathan John Strother, an artist for 30 years, but only recently turned professional. His favored mediums are acrylics, oils, and pastels. His paintings are mostly in an abstract style, with many works featuring biomorphic shapes in bold and vivid colors. Mr. Strother currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia and recently signed with a major gallery in the metro Atlanta area.

Sunshine Coast Art and Artists - An online art gallery of paintings for sale by Sunshine Coast artists - from Queensland, Australia. Nyng Hopper

Sculpture in Wood, Caril Chasens - Green new art in wood.

Tatsuya Sato - TS B/W photo-visual portfolio features black and white photography of fine art gallery,everyday people,nature,animals,culture and environment around the world on travels. Country names of pictures are Japan,China,Indonesia,Nepal,India,Bangladesh,Iran,Greece,Italy,United States,Mexico,Guatemala,Peru,Argentina,Ecuador,Bolivia.

Saint Karen's Gallery of Art Brut = Raw Truth - Paintings, poems and mp3's that confront existentialism in a satirical tone. All works created by multimedia artist Karen Houser.

The Selfish Muse - A digital diary of collaged previous and current art including photography, digital art, oil paintings and graphic design.

Artist Brian Simons Gallery Online - Visit the homepage of Canadian Artist Brian Simons and enjoy his bold, colorful, landscape, marine, floral and still life paintings. Brian's work hangs in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe - Online art gallery featuring exciting contemporary American art and fine home furnishings including paintings, glass, raku, paper, metal, jewelry, lithography, and wood. Free shipping!


Jill Teck, Ireland**

Jacek-Edward Fall Traumatorium - Acrylic pictures on canvas, wood and paper as well as wooden figures

Tattoo Spa Top 100 Art Sites** - Super Top 100 Art Sites

Tropical art Tropical art... acrylic on canvas... handpainted furniture... interior design... home

T. O. E.**

Ciaghi Tiziana** - My realistic acrylic paintings: castles and landscapes of Italy. Airbrush art. Art postcard.

Angela Thomson's Gallery - Paintings by a Montreal artist.

Jan-Thomas Art Paintings Sweden

laurent TEALDI - Painter : TEALDI : Museum " CASA REALES " Santo Dominingo , REPUBLICA DOMINICANA from.....

Tarot 2000 tarot - Contemporary artists exploring world of ancient tarot decks with paintings, sculpture, computer art. If also you are an artist join the web collection

GALLERY twenty-four - Berlin's premier gallery for autodidactic and undiscovered artists from around the world. PABLO reese von Lichtenberg

Natural Tree Furniture - Balancing Nature with Creative Imagination ~ Free Form Stick and Twig Furnishings Handcrafted by Artisan Ray Smith. Environmentally Responsible Designs ~ Specializing in Cat Tree Furniture.

Trompe-la-mort : Ernesto Timor's eye - A french photowriter half-opens his darkroom. Sensual photos, papers, small books... For curious amblers rather than surfers, a site which sometimes veils, sometimes reveals. French and english speaking texts, and polyglot pictures!

TJADER-KNIGHT inc. - Tjader-Knight inc. Brings together 2 Professional New Media Artists toying with Digital Art. Also we hae a forum listing International Exhibitions and festivals also calls for entries and competitions ,jump aboard we are a friendly community

The Tree Frog Gallery - Indigenous art, paintings, sculpture, pottery - fine Australian arts and crafts online and at The Tree Frog Gallery, Maleny, Queensland, Australia. Ron Ward

Virginia Tupper Artist - Online gallery of portraiture, gesture & figurative drawings, mixed media paintings, classical and computer animation.

Roggeri Joffe Toymakers - Toys,handmade and hand painted,derived from legends and books,powered by sustainable energies such as wind,heat, gravity and feelings.

justin tolentino artwork - Tolentinos graffiti based artwork is socially and emotionally charged with imagery that can not be ignored. Taking from the streets and freight cars to the canvas and found objects.


Fine Art Gallery - A fine art gallery with oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, ceramics, prints, photography, Inuit art, garden art, artist bears to compliment your home or office decor. Other features include chat rooms, art advisor, professional art restoration, quizzes

Art of Upper Lake Siljan Area - The picturesque Lake Siljan area in equally picturesque Dalecarlia in Sweden, has attracted artists in centuries, like Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson and many, many more. On this site we present you currently active artists with a link to their webpages.

ulli p. - painting, drawing, graphics, photography, [], sculpture

unification contemporary art - Irresistibly fascinated by an exhibition of Juan Norero´s work he entered a state of ecstasy whose limited and fugitive insights allowed him to penetrate deep into Juan Norero´s threatened existence. Here is some of what de Tomas Andreu gallery says about the profound principle of contradiction in the exhibition which aims to tell a story applicable to everything in the arts of drawing and painting.Santiago Novis


Vudu Valley: Lair of the Art Brute - Mystery! Pain! Delight! Outsider Art from Vudu Valley. Paintings, photos, performance art, writings. Personal history, mythology, beautiful women. John Hurd, Charles Grimes, and others. Art brut, naif art, folk art. Frederico and the Warrior at Heart.

Vzual Vibes** - Art From Western Australia

Rado Vleugel art - Intriguing art of the surrealistic Dutch painter Rado Vleugel.

Liviano Valzelli - Pittore lombardo, ha esplorato l'informale in ogni aspetto della sua matericità, le sue opere sono presenti in numerose collezioni in Italia e all'estero.

Vivid Surrealism - The Platform for Surrealistic Art, Animations, Virtual Reality, Literature and Poetry

John Vega - :: john vega : Flash design : new media design : visionary art ::

V!SUALJAZ - I am an artist with a new company called V!SUALJAZ, and I am looking for alternative ways of selling my work. I produce 4 collections a year. Between 20 & 25 pieces in any collection. The work is abract with a strong use of colour, textures and simple shapes. I also do commissions. To view my work please visit All pieces are limited A4 & A3 are limited to 250. While the larger the piece goes the less we produce, ie A2,A1 & AO are limited to 25 prints.

Manuela Valenti Studio - Fine Artist - Original Italian and Venezuelan landscapes, abstracts and figuratives watercolors, acrylics and oils from the Italian-Venezuelan artist Manuela Valenti.

Michel Vermeulen - International Painter Michel Vermeulen. The website is showing his paintings which are colourful, peaceful and happy. He uses 3-D technique and vivid colours. His style is also affiliated to impressionism and cubism. Piano's, pear's, and candle's are his life style... Vermeulen replaced Riopelle for the best Canadian painter. Right now, he is one of the best painters in the world...

20 paintings by Stefaan Vermuyten


Joel Wateres Photography - Photography Nude and not so Nude Photography

Theo Wildanger - L'Art de Theo A virtual gallery featuring paintings by impressionist Theo Wildanger and other artists from around the world. Browse our galleries, send free electronic art cards, and purchase original art, giclee reproductions, and other gift items.

Alienation - Artist Story Waters - Story Waters' work focuses on self-imagery in digital mixed media including photography and digital painting. His work fuses spiritualarity, our place in reality, introspection, and eroticism. - Gallery of original watercolors and prints, online watercolor classes,critiques offered on any medium, water color q' and a's...

Webrings - some webrings we are members of...

White Lake - 2' by 5' oil on canvas painting of Paynes, a White Lake marina by 23 year old Woodstock Artist, Jewel Eggink, illustrator and muralist. Image is from her personal collection

Winsome Moon Arts - Illustration, Artist-Painted Furniture, Murals, Trompe L'oeil Wall Art, Art Links, and More. Soft yet delicate style. Custom orders and personalization free and welcome. References available.

Wobblybridge the online art gallery - provides a free resource for artists from around the world.

Christopher Wood - Contemporary Scottish Artist, Comprehensive gallery-site dedicated to the semi-abstract paintings of one of Scotland's leading contemporary artists. 'He can paint the wind and the smell of flowers in a meadow'

Worldwide Art Gallery - All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.

Karl F. Wollschlager - The Original Art of Karl Friedrich Wollschlager

The World Mandala Project - The WMP is an integral site about an integral artwork/ mandala that arrived out of twenty-five years art practice, (it was an accident really), the site features stories and texts describing the project and its extraordinary applications, the uses of mandalas, and there are numerous other features being added - your logo will appear on the links page in three weeks ...kind regards Peter Rosson

WookieLabs - Original prints and gallery of colorful, abstract, nouveau, modern and native art.

Wood Wing Sculptures - These very unique wood sculptures can best be described as being on the lighter side of Contemporary. The sculptor takes considerable license with Mother Nature's designs. These one-of-a-kind indoor sculptures are created from multiple contrasting and or complimentary natural colored woods, all of which contribute to animate each individual sculpture.

The Weather Stop - Your One And Only Stop For Great Weather !

Wihlney-art á art ceramic - Kent-Ove Wihlney

The Alchemical Wedding - Surreal,dark,spiritual,cathartic,and just plain silly. Paintings, drawings and digital art pulled from the depths of the David Aronson's subconscious mind.

Whiteoyster Modern Art - Modern representational oil paintings

Wood Wing Sculptures - "If you're looking for art that will completely amaze you, then you're in the right place. The wood sculptures from Fran Goucher will delight and mesmerize you."These very unique wood sculptures can best be described as being on the lighter side of Contemporary. The sculptor takes considerable license with Mother Nature's designs. These one-of-a-kind indoor sculptures are created from multiple contrasting and or complimentary natural colored woods, all of which contribute to animate each individual sculpture

WebersArt - Gallery of Artist's Work. Fine Art, Digital Art, Photography. Funky Art, Graphic Art. Debbie Weber



Art Gallery of Paintings and Prints by Jennifer Young - This online art gallery features original oil paintings - traditional impressionism and contemporary expressionism, as well as art prints, for sale by Jennifer Young. A visual artist from Richmond, Virginia, Young explores a range of ideas and subjects in her work, creating unique, well-crafted, vibrantly colored originals.

Abstract Art Gallery of Christopher M. Young - View the Captivating and Stunning work of abstract artist Christopher M. Young.


Ziberglass by Alberto Cerritos - Site includes Artist Alberto Cerritos artwork as well selected Poetry and Essays, Artists Associations and a Host of International Visual Artists.

Igor Zenin - Photo Art Server. On line catalogue of art works. - Photo Art Server. On line catalogue of art works. Here you can find four seasons, people form Canada, Ontario Moldova and more...

Massimo Zilioli - Paintings and sculptures of contemporary art by italian artist

Liz Zorn Art - Mixed media artist, working in found object, assemblage, works on paper, artist, contact information.

Zavage's Sensual Art - Pencil and ball point pen drawings. Naturalistic / realistic. People - portraits and full body. Some sensual nudity. Some fantacy and digital art. Raino Brandmo

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