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Studio Shots, Philadelphia PAArt is a Direct Reflection

Furniture - When it comes to Furniture as Art, I take it to literally mean art as in fine arts.  I try for subtlety, motion, organics and feel in my creations.  I make pieces that whisper quietly into your eyes and beckons you to come ever closer.  I often go to shops and galleries that carry my pieces and love to watch the peoples’ reactions when they pass by.   Some just walk by, others stop and look, and then there are those that stop, stare for a moment and slowly reach out to touch that piece, all of which puts a smile on my face.

Wall Based Art - Primarily my biggest concern is form or composition with color and tonality secondary.  Since I work mostly in abstraction my wall art is on a larger scale.  I try to use familiar objects and place them in unfamiliar situations.  In my opinion negative space is much more important than the objects themselves.  I love simplicity and minimalism, so the works of Mark Rothko (late works), Susan Rothenberg and Joan Miro are greatly followed. 

Personal Heroes - My work is influenced by the diversity and longevity of Picasso and Matisse, the creativity of Baltimore Artist Paul Mintz, the raw talent of Philadelphia Native Adam Collison and MICA Graduate Michael Hamilton.

My favorite quotes:

Seattle Artist Michael Carrico,  "Art, today, encompasses the dream postponed into anything-goes.  Justified in letting the artist descend into mediocrity, spiraling around an ego put upon a pedestal.  As if, all that a person does is art.  And it is." ... "Yet today we look at the arts as if everything is the fine craftsmanship of a great artist, and much of it isn't.  Until you become yourself what benefit can you be to others?  Mediocrity appeals to the mass, and it appeals to the mass ego.  And though it may be art, it is not the exceptional dream, enchanting the child, like a kiss walking home to my knowledge, in an unformulated illustration which wakes me up.”

"Throughout my college years I became increasingly disillusioned with ‘higher’ art education and resolved myself the philosophy that 'creativity is an objective truth that cannot be taught,' and that 'education may instill false notions within an individual that will actually stifle creativity."  Michigan Artist Kelly Billette

Art ClocksBackground
Carefully groomed to become someone while attending 13 years of Private School Education.  Then set loose on public streets to find myself at the George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Current work includes design and construction of Bookcases, Cabinets and Furniture as well as Wall Art.  My works are currently in private collections from North Carolina to Upstate New York.

I work exclusively in wood with occasionally found objects, string, plaster and acrylics. My love of old city architecture can be found in most of my cabinet work.  My Wall Art, which includes Art Clocks to Nudes...

Then I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia (did you know, that Pennsylvania is second only to Florida as far as Senior Citizen population, HELP!!!)...

Pendulum Clock Sold to Amy G
A Real Nice Clock - Acrylics on Wood
Pendulum & 12 Hour Movement 18 x 24
Purchased by Amy G - Manayunk Festival

Mother's Love
Mother and Child
Wall Based
Mixed Media on Wood 36" x 48"

Current Schedule:
  • Art Under Ground Studio, my new place in Charm City
  • The Pearl Gallery, on the Avenue in Hampden
  • Gallery ID 8, Baltimore Maryland
  • Work in Progress, Washington Square, Phildelphia, PA.
  • July 2005 - Artscape 2005 The 24th Annual Premier Arts Festival, Baltimore, Maryland July 22, 23 and 24
  • October 2004 - New Hope Arts Festival, New Hope - Lambertville, Juried Exhibition, Particpating Artist, October 2 and 3... details to come
  • October 2004 - Fairfax City Arts Festival, October 9, 2004, Juried Exhibition, Fairfax, VA Particpating Artist
  • July 2004 - Artscape 2004, Baltimore, Md, on the Campus of MICA. Juried Exhibition. Festival dates July 16, 17 & 18. Participating Artist - Booth E-201 in the New Brown Center/Fox Building
  • July 2004 - Foodscape -20th Anniversary, Mount Royal Tavern, Reception Sunday July 11, 2004, Participating Artist
  • June 2004 - 15th Anniversary Manayunk Arts Festival, Philadelphia, PA, Juried Exhibition, June 26 and 27
  • April 2004 - 8th Annual Out-of-Order Exhibit, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD, April 22nd - 24th, Party April 24th, 8:00PM - 1:00AM, Participating Artist
  • April 2004 - Old World Cafe, North Wales PA. April 17 - May
  • March 2004 - Grand Opening ID8 Gallery March 5th Opening Reception, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, Participating Artist
  • February 2004 - AFA Gallery, Scranton PA, “Members' Show” Group Exhibition (My Pieces)
  • February 2004 - “Small World”, Plastic Club Gallery, Juried Group Exhibition, Philadelphia PA
  • January 2004 - “Abstract/Non-Representational Show”, Juried Group Exhibition. Westchester, PA CCAA Huston Gallery
  • December 2003 - Cheltenham Arts Center, Cheltenham, PA. Members’ Show, Participating Artist
  • December 2003 - AFA Gallery, Scranton PA, “Where I Live” Exhibition
  • November 2003 - Fairfax Holiday Craft Show, Juried Exhibition, Fairfax, VA
  • October 2003 - Paticipating Artist, 915 Studios Open House

  • Up In Smoke
    Wall Based
    Mixed Media on Wood

    Wall Based
    Mixed Media on Wood

    Mother and Child Cabinet
    Mother and Child
    Cabinet 13 x 13 x 51
    4 Adjustable Shelves

    It's Hampden Hon! Medieval Finish
    It's Hampden Hon!
    Cabinet 13 x 15 x 53

    Glass and Metal Table, new home for a 17th Century Antique
    Metal and Glass Table
    New Home for a 17th Century Antique

    Cabinet Bourbon Street
    Bourbon Street

    Cabinet 5832
    Cabinet - 5832

    Study - Angular Sheen
    Angular Sheen #1
    Wall Based Assemblage
    Mixed Media on Wood

    Small Red Cabinet
    Simple Country Cabinet in Red

    It's Organic
    It's Organic

    B.O.G. #2
    Wall Based
    Mixed Media on Wood

    the Johns, 2000 Maple Kitchen Cabinets
    The Johns 2000
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Maple Clear Finish

    Rowhouse Cabinet, 18 x 6 x 15
    Rowhouse Cabinet
    24 x 18 x 70

    Fully Adjustable Light Table, Work Area 3 x 5
    Fully Adjustable Work Table with Light Source
    Work Area 3' x 5'

    It's Hampden Hon! Dirty Girl Finish
    It's Hampden Hon!
    Cabinet 15 x 15 x 54
    4 Adjustable Shelves
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