Story Book Art:
by l'nhoj yesdnil


Art from the Funny Farm Art

It appears to me that adult art is mostly about shock value to create "something different" ever since the modern art movement created some very rich and influential artists.  Art schools even teach the concept that illustration is not art.

Living in a small town I discovered that trying to sell "lowbrow" art is impossible.  Perhaps if I lived in the "city of the lost angels" in California and played the self promotion gameÉ

Some one told me that they didn't like the Chronicles of Narnia movie because the whole concept wasn't believable even with the new photo realistic CGI, well us children don't have any problems with unrealistic adventure fantasy unless the anxiety level is too high or its just too moralistic, as children's stories used to be.  Most adults lose their ability to believe in magic even when their religion is a world of magic, unless its a matter of jinx curses.

As I studied other people's art I fell in love with the adorable dynamics of pictures made for children.  I was repelled by the excessive sweetness at first, but the more I saw the better I felt.

A few of the pictures I have seen are unbearably adorable and the at least one like the photograph of a Japanese woman holding her "mercury pollution" deformed child, that is so emotionally beautiful and terrible at the same time that I am shocked to tears instantly upon sight.  To connect with ones innocence to invent a picture can be very difficult.

I spend a lot of time in "Gestalt" contemplation and become so empathic that the only way to keep myself reasonably sane is to marshal my demons that constantly try to destroy my ego.  Drawing a picture can take a week or longer.  It takes a lot of subconscious work and canŐt be done swiftly like non-figurative abstractive painting.

My fist clown picture is frightening to most people and should be displayed behind a curtain.  But to me it is not horrifying at all, I think it is one of my best and I should go back to making mysterious psychosomatic pictures before I am enslaved by the art market, apparently the only way to be successful at selling art is to pain the same thing over an over.

Art from the Funny Farm Art

All this absurdity promotes satire.

Existential funney farm art by L'Nhoj Yesdnil:
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L'Nhoj Yesdnil
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