Tina Wiesen:
the artery

The world wide web is so vast sometimes it is by accident you find something you like.  I stumbled on Tina's site and found something I really love.  Go to her site and you will find sketches, paintings, computer graphics, poetry and much more.  Her subjects vary from still lifes to landscapes to caricatures.  But what really caught my eye were the faces and people she draws and paints.  They are very distinct in style and Tina manages to capture a story with each piece.  From Sweden and just 18, Tina says, "I have always been drawing since I could hold a pencil in my hand.  My parents said I held the pencil the right way the first time... My parents have always provided me with papers, pencils and colors, ...and lots of encouragement and I thank them so much for that, ...it does make a difference."

I am a firm believer that talent is somehow passed on through generations and this is true with Tina, both her parents studied art.  "As young, my mother studied art, and had great talent, ...she now is working as a textile teacher for kids in the age of 6-13."  Tina also says, "My dad studied art history, and is now a teacher in mathematics and swedish for adults..."  "My favourite artists are so many, such as Magritte, Picasso, Dahli so and so on.  I hope I can make a living as an artist, but if that isn't possible, I think I would like to study psychology."

I asked Tina why so many of her pieces were faces and where they came from.  "My faces, are imaginative, they are something I see in my mind, it's a way for me to communicate how I feel and the face is always developing itself, I find myself fascinated."  Tina adds, "...just by looking at a person you can guess what the person is feeling and thinking.  I also like to draw faces from pictures, such as famous people, and try to catch what it is that makes them the person they are."

I thought that explained Tina's love for the human face and figure.  Well that is not all of it, Tina added one last thing that really opened my eyes, she says, "Since birth I have a slight hearing disability, because of that I have to rely more on peoples lip movements and gestures to fully understand them.  That might be one of the reasons why I'm so fascinated by face and body language.  When I tell people I have a hearing disability they are always surprised because they never notice that in my speech nor my understanding."

I hope Tina succeeds as an artist, continues adding to her websites (she has 2 great projects) and never stops drawing those fabulous faces she looks at and understands so much better than we do.

Tina Wiesen
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