To The Better Half:
the stuff dreams are made of

Our 5th Annual Tribute to the Better Half...the other half really does make this world a better place to live.  Yes, we almost forgot!  The better half would never forget this special occasion known as Valentine's Day 2006.  We have had to rush to put this together and we still are updating this tribute.

For now, here's to the better half, they always see the glass half full...
Ann de Lorge, New Orleans Artist
Ann de Lorge
Melisa Eden Cambell, The Purple Aardvark
Melisa Eden Johnson
Tracy Kimmons, San Antonio, Texas Photographer
Tracy Kimmons
Karen Dale Trask, Artist, Designer, Author, Photographer
Susan Fox Hirschmann, Art Pottery
Susan Fox Hirschmann
Mary Lin Yoshimuro, Artist, Paint Studio
Mary Lin Yoshimuro
Gudrun Weerashinge, Art Healing
Gudrun Weerashigne
Jenna Morrison, Gifted Artist, Pencil Drawings
Jenna Morrison
Belladonna, Artist, Realism
Joyce Guerrieri, Artist Multi Media, Poetry
Joyce Guerrieri
Lisa Fittipaldi, The Mind's Eye Foundation
Lisa Fittipaldi
Angela M Pierce, Beaded and Custom Jewlery Maker
Angela M Pierce
Andrea Shewky, Artist, Multi Media
Andrea Shweky
Paula Alavesa, Artist, Multi Media, Digital, Water Colors, Oils
Paula Alavesa
The Pop Tarts of Pop Art, Canadian Artists, Cool Stuff
The PopTarts
Warrior Girl, California Performing Artist
Warrior Girl
Willow Danaan, Artist, Multi Media, Graphics, Digital
Willow Danaan
Margaret Hoskins, Artist, Multi Media, Digital, Graphic, Design
Margaret Hoskins
Michelle Bennethum, Artist, Multi Media, Dreaming of Painting Dreams
Michelle Bennethum

CatherinA Laugel

The Book Reporter
Stefanie Rocknak
Steff Rocknak Ph.D.
Artist Vanja Rancic
Vanja Rancic

Lillianne Massey Dent
You Should Be Here
Neon Art by Eve Hoyt
Neon Art by Eve Hoyt
Artist Tina Wiesen
Tina Wiesen

Kat Flood

Kara Nina Maehler

Marilyn Kirsch

Leah Bendahan
Writer Ann Hughes
Writer Ann Hughes
The Untrained Eyes
The Untrained Eyes

Georgine Morelli

Catherine Gauthier-Campbell

Carol Es

Margalit Kurzweil

Carla Rhodes





Emilie Autumn
Art For Kids by Marlene Kaltschmitt
Marlene Kaltschmitt
New Orleans Artist Sheri Mora
Sheri Mora
Art by Sonya Moran
Sonya Moran
Verdadism by Soraida Martinez
Soraida Martinez
Artist Kelly Billette
Small Wonders by Amy Jorgensen
Amy Jorgensen
Creative Recovery by Kim Park
Art by Claudia Olivos
Claudia Olivos
Art of Sorida
Soraida Martinez
Art of Carla Fache
Carla Fache
Art of Mary Novak
Mary Novak
art of Fances Giron
Frances Giron
Art by Lia Angst
Lia Angst
Art by Antoine de Villiers
Antoine de Villiers
artist amy langston
Amy Langston
Art of Deborah Andreucci-Budney
Deborah Andreucci-Budney
Art by Laura Schoonover
Laura Schoonover
Art by Linda Levi
Linda Levi
Art by Jelene Morris
Jelene Morris
art by Adrienne Mills
Adrienne Mills
Art by Aliyah Marr
Aliyah Marr
art by Sharon Benton
Sharon Benton

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