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Memento a Great Movie to OwnA Great Movie!!!  Memento, one of the best movies I have seen in a long while. (Murder Mystery)

Here is the a little background to the movie.  Lenny and his wife are victims of a crime and during this attack Lenny suffers a brain injury and has lost all sense of recollection.  He remembers things up to the scene of the crime but can no longer form new memories, he can't remember 5 minutes before or after any period in his current life.  So Lenny takes polariod pictures of significant events, jots down a name or note on each photo, all to remind himself of what or who he is looking at.  Remember, Lenny is looking at only names and pictures, he does not know how, why or even WHEN they relate to him, which is the story behind this movie.

This movie makes you follow it to a T.  There is no chatting, reaching down for a moment or two for chips and drink, it has to be watched continuously.  The movie starts at the end and goes backward in time.  Each scene is explained by the following scene and so on.  By the end of this movie, you have seen what led up to the beginning of the movie which actually is the end of the story.

A little confused, that is what makes this movie a "BUY IT" movie.  The more you watch it the more you understand and the more you understand the more you want to watch it again, until in your own mind you have the sequence of the events just right.

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