Talking Walls:
Seoul, South Korea with Photographer Tom Chambers

A great dive in the heart of Seoul, South Korea ... off the beaten path and a good deal on Makoli (Traditional liquor) and baked fish. The walls and ceiling are strewn with trivial and important graffitti over the past forty years and a place where university students used to congregate to make plans for demonstrations against the government.

The proprietor (to the left) and my wife pose for a moment. You'll notice the Makoli bowls and baked fish on the table. She's the original owner, and business is as good as ever due to the nostalgic aspects of the establishment. The place is packed every night with students, working professionals and tourists.

My wife caught me in a digestive ... food as well as the surroundings ... moment. You'll notice the empty plate ... damn good fish ... and another pot of Makoli. Just a small representation of the graffitti follow, but adequate to get a feel for the establishment ... a truly remarkable place that has become symbolic of freedom of expression.

Thanks. Tom Chambers

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