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Out of Order 2010
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The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia


I grew up in hell homeboy. My grandmother had more attitude.  – Frank Sachs (Cuba Gooding Jr.) As Good As It Gets

I have participated at this venue for I believe 5 years and possibly 6.  This version, Out of Order 2010, was by far the dullest of any.  Dull may not even be the best way to describe it, maybe I should say lifeless and even that may not truly describe the Funeral Home like atmosphere from start to finish.

ooo20103Last year, I got to Maryland Art Place to hang my piece extra early, like 8:45AM in hopes of finally hanging a piece at eye level.  Upon arriving, there was already a line of artists from the entrance of the building to MAP’s front door, estimated at 125 feet, so yes, tons of artist and art ahead of me.  By the time it was my turn, every eye level space was taken, just packed,  I got to hang on the second level, as usual.  This year, I arrived at 9:20, no line, bad omen… got to hang my piece at eye level for the 1st time, a really really bad omen.  During the party Friday night, where I normally would see a dozen to 20 friends, I met up with 4… yes, that’s only 4 familiar faces. WTF

So what happened and why so different from my previous years at this event?

Previously, there was a 60″ x 60″ size limit, this year, MAP thought it best to downsize to 30″ x  30″.  I am sorry, but 36″ would have been better, at 30″ you are almost forced to really downsize a piece or have some unusual proportions.  But hey, I did it, so everyone should have been able to do it, and quite easily.  But the problem, IMAO, is it made everything more like a strip shopping center instead of a Mall with the usual anchor stores.  You just walk by, all roughly the same size, with nothing to catch your eye and stop you in your tracks, way too homogeneous…

$10 yes, that’s Ten Dollars.  For the first time, MAP also decided it best to charge individual participating artist a $10 fee.  Couple the 10 buck fee with a lack of real food (the last couple of years) and I can understand why some friends laughed off Out of Order 2010 or that catchy OOO10 or whatever.  Slap in the face if you ask me.  If it is going to be “business as usual” next year, I will laugh it off also, promise!

Another first for MAP’s Out of Order, the participating artist did NOT have to be present to hang their work, tsk tsk tsk… from what I saw hanging on the walls, I can understand why this “new” rule was CONveniently put into effect… wink wink

Here’s where my OP/ED starts.  Personally, I think it is the fault from the new Director of MAP to the Curators of this event and everyone in between.  I’ve heard many times before, if you want to clear a room fast, just yell Fire or… more when I have time… seriously, I will be editing and adding to this shortyl.

One of the most disappointing Out of Order events I have been part of…

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