David Gutterson:
snow falling on cedars

The San Piedro small town atmosphere in the 1950's is captured well. The echos of the Japanese community treatment during the World War is still fresh in many's memory.

The characters have grown up, socialized and worked together and everyone knows one another's business. Kabuo Miyamato is an adult charged with murder. While you are waiting for the verdict, Kabuo's history and that of those around him is described in detail: the childhood day's of school and family through the adult life of marriage and work.

The story is exceptionally descriptive and very gently written. The title evokes an image that is carried throughout the book.

Snow Falling on Cedars is the first book reviewed here that was turned into a movie. The book is set in Puget Sound in the 1950's.

Have I seen the movie? No. Will I see it? No. This story relies on your imagination to outline the characters and I would probably be disappointed in the casting.

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